Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What a difference a Case makes

Subtitle:  The Hard Case!

Do you polish and clean your phone, and obsess about keeping it looking beautiful?

In our household we both love to see our mobiles in tip top condition but we differ about how it should be done:

Agata: My Zagg InvisibleShield provides an invisible, ultra thin protection layer, that looks like there is not case at all

Marcus:  My big fat case, may look a little c*** but it protects my phone against my fumbles and drops.

My OnePlus One phone is almost two years old now but was early in the game to be designed as a phone whose back cover could be replaced.   So in theory you can drop the phone and replace a damaged cover as necessary.

For Marcus, I don't think I would be that lucky and a case that might protect the metallic edges and raise just a little to the edge of the screen would be more practical.  My Oneplus is a workhorse getting over 3 hours solid use per day and so aesthetics come a distant second to rugged-abilty.

With the demise of the old hard case which by the time of its recent death broke due to extended use and a few tumbles on all 4 corners (!) I had to venture to the normal source for such new material ...


Because ... in Switzerland you are already almost a social outcast unless you are touting a 1000 Franc  (1000 USD) Apple iPhone, or at least an.other Apple Smartphone,  there is no way any retailer is going to support your folly and provide you with a case for your other brand, not worth saving phone.

And so to eBay,  and some orders later,  each less than 10 USD, and then the customary  2- 3 week wait for the post from China  ..

A Soft Case

This arrived first and as I removed it from its packaging I felt the delicate soft and subtle black, almost moleskin like texture.  Quite delicious.

Only 1 sort of fatal problem ... the case is not tight.

Now, if you are just schmoozing between CEO and CFO business meetings this might be fine.  But Marcus' OnePlus is normally in a backpack, in the back of a running jersey, or being thrown around a bike race.

When you stop in the middle of a race to take photographs, you don't want a sloppy case that your phone might actually fall out of, or get sweat into.

So, it;s a big fail

The Hard Case

Next to arrive was the 

As shown this is a single piece case that securely clips around the Oneplus.  It is totally transparent, not that is a particular advantage.

Whilst the case is shiny it does not make the phone slippy

On, and at the bottom the USB charge / data socket and the speakers are not covered.   (On the soft case the charging socket was partially covered and the OnePlus original red cable would not fit!)

So the IMAK case gets a thumbs up and the phone is again fully operational and has been on some test runs and mountain expeditions in the last week passing well.


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