Friday, February 12, 2016

We came, we saw, we did not buy

The cost of many items here in Switzerland is high.  But some things like food and accommodation are sort of mandatory. Whereas a yacht, and, believe me, there are many in our home town of Lausanne, is optional.  At least we think so.

Marcus' latest economy drive then is sort of genius.

When we need to save up for a household item, we simply stop eating stuff until we save up enough to buy the thing.  And / or we buy more economically,  using a cheaper Supermarket brand.

At Swiss prices this should not take long, right?

Coding Strategy
Although Agata is learning Ruby; no money has come in thus far.  Her coding prowess is not going to help us today.

Awesome Aldi
Aldi by Swiss standards has economically priced food, from vendors you've never heard of, plus a weird isle in the middle selling things like socks, or laminating machines, or tools.

Our plan was then to cut back and save some cash ....

Snacks.  We say NO!

The most excellent and economical Malbec.  NO!

 The best value Easter bunnies in Switzerland.  NO!

The Laminator.  NO!

This is what we ended up with.

Pretty healthy, right?  And in accordance with our new healthy living standards also.   (Described here )

So what did Marcus blow our savings on?   

Yes, it is a Hard Disk, well a Solid State Disk, so fast, that it can operate at more than 2GB/sec, that is over 2000 Megabytes per second.   Now believe me, that is fast.

And only 7 grams in weight.   Undergoing testing now.

In Pictures ...


The Lindt difference

Phil Oakey: Electric Dreams

[Apologies for this weak contrivance to shoehorn in an old favourite song]

Wait. Another classic.
Big Audio Dynamite: MC2
[Hat tip to Albert.  Right again]

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