Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shopping IRL

Pet Shop Boys: Shopping

Subtitle:  We went outside to Window Shop

At the lower than,  please park my Ferrari in the Hotel parking and I don't care about the cost class, Switzerland can be an extremely disappointing place to shop.

Sure, I can buy Watches here.  But when it comes to Consumer Electronics, Clothes, Food and other staples, the choices for Marcus and Agata are limited, certainly for Physical Shops, with displays.

The Internet Mail Order marketplace is both more competitive and better stocked, so normally we'd shop there.

But this Thursday, with some time on our hands at lunch, we thought:  What the hell.  We'll actually try to visit shops and look around.  Not even with a specific agenda.

I know:  call us the Spontaneity twins or what....

We found a shop to actually look at a monitor we might want to actually buy.  Amazing.  Though I found Digitec is 25% cheaper :-(

Although their Chromebook pricing was so hysterically bad Marcus was almost in tears.

 Porridge choices in Switzerland are plentiful

Save Porridge we have weaned ourselves away from all 'commercial' sugar laden, hyper advertised breakfast cereals. But I feel sorry for parents with young children entering this isle


Marcus is a honey connoisseur and Agata suggested I investigate trading up from my bottom shelf (literally) bargain basement branding.

So the Italian honey from the same company is 60% of the cost of Swiss.

I studied the astonishing prices. Top shelf  (again literally) Swiss honey is more than 700% more expensive, and I didn't dare to try and find the Manuka.

The Samsung S7 spaces are literally reserved.  Not just Swisscom but positively all retailers I know are pushing Samsung S6 out at clearance prices.  I even saw one at Aldi!

I played and lusted over a number of high end Windows 10 mobile phones.  The ones with top quality cameras.  Except the one above that had crashed so badly it would need a battery removal except this would also set off the store theft alarm. So I just walked away, just a little sad.  For a price of over 600 CHF I had expected something more.

Learning Points

- It was actually quite fun.  IRL - In Real Life, yes, we could get used to this. Slow though :-(

- Going to shops means, they do more of the work, you let your eyes and senses do the receiving

- The Electronics shop InterDiscount actually had some good prices & some really bad ones.

- Everybody is trying to get rid of their stocks of the Samsung S6 Smartphone.  Buy one now, if it fits your needs.

- Swiss honey is freakishly expensive,  I feel a taste test coming up soon.  Maybe we will use science to help us.