Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Restoring my Trust

Subtitle: Thanks again BBC and Radio 4

It has been a funny old week so far and not necessarily totally in a good way.

Already I had more than 1 group of people trying to perpetrate a fraud against Marcus and Agata, and it is not a good feeling, that people want to victimise poor old us.   We are the nice people after all.

But as I walked steep uphill towards home this Tuesday, in torrential rain,  just so I could save the 5 CHF  (4 GBP) of train fare, I was smiling.   Smiling, laughing and almost crying.

I was listening to  Episode 1, of series 74  (yes 74; really) of the BBC classic panel show

Just a Minute

I am not worthy to relate the humour, innuendo and spontaneous wit of the panelists.   I can only plead with you to immerse yourself in this aural delight to which I have had the privilege to listen to for over 30 years.

Just a Minute.  I salute you.

You are restoring my trust in humanity, one quality programme at a time.



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