Thursday, February 11, 2016

On the Track

What is track running?
After you have started running regularly, track running is a recommended next step to improve your technique, stamina etcetera.

Track Characteristics
The track can be a little intimidating at first, but let me sell it to you.

- Lots of very fast runners, so you can soak up some inspiration
- You can see what more professional / accomplished people wear
- A chance to meet other people, who like running
- Often facilities to change and shower, in Switzerland at nominal cost or even free
- Usually good parking facilities by the track, so that if you must  (we'd rather you cycle or run there) you can drive
- Pristine clean and regular and grippy and flat surface. If you can't run your best and fastest here, where can you?

Finding a track

This can be non trivial.  For example,  we have lived in North Lausanne for over 5 years, but only when we enrolled in a Swimming class in 2015 did we find that a local school, has a track like area around its football pitch.   We never knew!

This has the advantage of being just a few Km away so we can save petrol and run there.   Marvellous.

Otherwise it is word of mouth, followed by Google and Google Maps.

We actually have two proper tracks here in Lausanne Switzerland and our preferred is in Vidy, the Pierre Coubertin stadium.

Yes, how lucky we are indeed!

Some Etiquette

- Run in the right direction, normally anti-clockwise
- Stay in correct lane: Some sections might be occupied by runners doing speed training, or group training.   You should choose other lanes.
- Pass people by moving right
- Listening to music is tolerated, but best kept low to enable you to hear others

Agata Gets technical

Agata has a Garmin Fenix 3 smartwatch / sportswatch and Marcus is still using his /old/ Garmin 920XT.   Agata uses the Interval workout function.

This enables you to create a workout with
a) Run [distance or time]
b) Rest [distance or time]
c) optional warmup and cooldown pre and post bits

This is just a basic quick option to give you the idea.  Of course you can create a complex custom training session on your PC and download it prior to tracking when you get keener

So our suggestion is, once you master and enjoy regular running, locate a track and start running there also.