Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Never stepping back

Subtitle:  Marcus has photographic pains

This post is about the angst of stepping back:

Once you have known great <anything>, stepping back to just okay, is, oh so painful .....

Of course, for our normal photography Marcus is more than delighted with our quite mature Sony Alpha 7, full frame camera.   I raved about it here and talked about its significance earlier here.

But the smartphone is the camera that I carry around 24x7

Recently whilst testing the Lumix 640 XL, an inexpensive Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone, something awful happened.  Well, technically it happened after switching back to my 2.5 year old OnePlus One phone.

The camera (of the OnePlus) looks like CRAP compared to the Windows Phone.

I know, who would believe it?  A phone that I bought as a test for about 100 GBP outclassing a top level Android phone.


- I am imagining it
- No, the Windows phone really is better
- I damaged the Android Phone
- There is something wrong with the OS level software

In Analysis
I checked with numerous people.  The Windows phone really is a lot better.  So I'm now on a quest to see if there is something screwed up with OnePlus and Cyanogenmod CM13.0 software  (Android 6.0.1)

It's just one more reason for me to upgrade that Smartphone. I hear Smartphone years are like Cat years, so this phone is over 25 years old already :-)

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