Monday, February 22, 2016

Marcus and the Nordic Skiing

Pictured above is Agata after a wonderfully successful Nordic Ski session with our personal trainer Kathy from Zimfit.  Together Agata and Marcus thought it was time to revisit Nordic (Cross Country) Skiing.

Marcus last tried this a few years back, but whilst the falling over factor was not /all the time/ it was enough to be off putting.

So in 2016, with some pressure encouragement from Kathy it was time for a re-visitation ...

The first challenge was to find to find a cold enough Piste  that was not melting.    (Luckily we went last week and this Monday it was 15 degrees C in Lausanne. Yikes. )

Not Attached

As an Engineer my fundamental mistrust of this skiing genre comes from the fact that

- the ski binding is loosely held to the ski, and only at the front.  What happened to the back?
- The ski is ludicrously thin, and so for me turning, stopping and general control remains somewhat of a mystery.

 We set off
Agata, is also a beginner.  However she is described as a natural.  What does this mean?  Basically it means she got no instruction, just put on some Nordic skiis then zoomed off like she was born on them.   Typical!

Kathy pointed out that I am merely skiing but she is towing a chariot with Dominik inside, and that's a lot more difficult.

So actually some of the secret sauce is

- Stay in the tracks when possible
- Always keep hands and weight forward
- Hands back, arse out --> you will fall over
- Bend ze knees

A good hours lesson and Marcus actually enjoyed it.  Well I never.

 Yes, still standing

This hat I was told to wear is the skiing equivalent of the man in the Red Shirt in Star Trek!   Kathy claims it was purely for identification purposes at a distance, but hey I know what was really going on here.

Agata tells me I am a brave husband, and with that I am happy

If you are in Lausanne or visiting,  then we would recommend a course with Kathy who will do the best to get you up and moving well on the Nordic Skis.   Recommended