Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I would exercise BUT

Recently  I gave up trying to convince a friend to attend our Monday night, lakeside exercise class with Zimfit  here in Lausanne Switzerland.

You see, there was always an excuse why they could not make it.  Such as the ones shown above.

To broadly categorise this behaviour into 2 types, and not just for the exercise class.

Can't do
I would do <it> but there is some terribly plausible reason that prevents me from starting / continuing / finishing.

Must do it
Don't get me wrong it won't be easy for me. But I will be dammed if <reason> is going to stop me from starting / continuing / finishing <it>

I hope that Agata and Marcus fall into the second category.  We try hard to put in our daily exercise,  not just for our own health and wellbeing, but also because the reverse of this condition is being a liability to society.

I would hope that any potential employers would realise that people who devote themselves to exercise and to work with this kind of discipline and dedication are worth more to the organisation and to society in general.

For running inspiration how about this:

Running Badwater

(Oh, and yes we would like to try Badwater, but we would need a support crew.  So if you be able to help us with that, then please do get in touch )

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