Friday, February 19, 2016

HP Officejet Pro 8620

HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 All in One printer

We were asked to recommend a small and inexpensive printer scanner and so we have been doing some extensive research.

Eventually we settled on the sub 200 CHF  ( 140 GBP) Hewlett Packard 8620 ink jet.

In the printer world things have reached an all competitive low, where prices leave you thinking /Exactly how do they do that/

For many manufacturers the answer is that the printer is shipped with almost empty 'starter' ink cartridges meaning that after only a few prints you'll need to buy the standard or extended sized inks.

Not so for the HP 8620.  It is shipped with a Black 1000 page cartridge, and although they only ship a mains cable, and not for example an USB or Ethernet cable, the majority of users will today connect Wirelessly. Note it is 2.4 Ghz b/g/n networking only.

It's a quite large and 15Kg box.  This is good value if nothing else

 An ironic note about environmental impact.  They wanted to say, try never to use this printer and save the Environment!

 Here it is

 4 ink cartridges including a large black cartridge.  (some other brands use 5 cartridges).

Oh and the control panel is a touch screen

 Zoom in to see the internals and where the ink cartridges.

Our first print and a celebration ice cream to follow.


- 1200 x 1200 dpi internals

- Double Sided Scanning

- Double Sided printing

- And a Fax!

- Motorised sheet feeder and lift the lid to scan on platen

- Wireless, Ethernet, USB, NFC Printing

- Black (2500 page), Colour (1500 page) cartridges available

What is in the Box

- Decent sized ink cartridges: yes
- 2 pin power lead: yes
- USB cable: no
- paper: no

For the price below 200 CHF the fact that the HP can print and scan, and in duplex, has a touch screen controls, multiple connectivity options, and a decent set of supplied ink cartridges is nothing sort of amazing.


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