Thursday, February 04, 2016

Finally, I have the time

Beloved: Time after Time

Subtitle: Deadlines

Marcus has never really been a fan of deadlines, well if they are imposed by an overbearing Boss or Project Manager.  I react badly if I am being asked to complete a task at a pace that I would feel could compromise the quality and integrity of the job.

If you are self motivated and self driven.  If you try hard to complete work on time, not slouching, and just getting on with it.   When you don't slope off for that two hour lunch, (almost every day!), but at all times try to do your best, then basically: it will be ready, when it is ready.

And equally, right now, Marcus is experiencing some technical (computer) difficulties at home.

Tech Note: I'm trying to simulate OS's within a single UEFI Disk partition using VMware because all my real hardware is so old it's BIOS based. But so far it keeps freezing. Hmm


In 2013 I wrote saying /give me time/

Right now, in 2016 for both Marcus and Agata:

At last, we do have the time, and in Good ...

Jamie xx: Good times

So memo to self.

- Patience Please.

meanwhile some more thoughts about time.  Enjoy ...

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