Monday, February 08, 2016

Defi Sportif Lausannois 2016

We have talked multiple times before about the Lausanne DEFI, which is in a nutshell a yearly sporting programme that relates to particular events in and around Lausanne.

For each event that you participate and complete you enter your contribution, and if you qualify in enough events you may also  participate in the DEFI sponsors gala, from where Marcus and Agata make this 2016 report.

This year we thought to focus on some of the by now familiar yet famous faces that we saw.

Marc Vuilleumier talked about Lausanne 2020 

A prize for the youngest and oldest competitors

Merck, a major sponsor talked about their company and its objectives, and it's work in Switzerland

They were generous as usual for MS charity.

Marc Antoine Surer from SIL, a major sponsor, talked about the Electricity industry and its related businesses in Lausanne.

The big prize draw was for the Electric Bike.   We did not win!

We were reminded that the first calendar event is going to be the 20Km race in April.

And that participation in this event is growing exponentially

CHUV and La Medicine du Sport run a health-check programme.   Marcus has attended in 2015.   It's excellent.

As usual there was good cabaret, performed by locals.

Prizes for more young participants

UCI announced the Urban Cycling Festival in June 2016

Last but by no means least, in honoured tradition, Jacquy Boinnard offered a holiday prize to a lucky winner.  We did not win!

Some closing cabaret.

And we Celebrated

After the closing ceremony it was time to talk about those sporting triumphs with other competitors and bump into the odd fellow sporting friend or two.

There were nibbles

And a lot of hungry athletes

And then not so many nibbles left.

Our Certificates

2016 Programme

Thanks DEFI and Lausanne for another great year of sporting activities.  We look forward to the first event, the 20Km race of Lausanne this April.

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