Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

I am not sure exactly when the transition happened but I can sure relate to why.

You see, I grew up simply dismissing musicals.

It could indeed have been the rather matter or fact Engineering upbringing, or any other number of factors, but the transition from spoken dialogue one minute, to almost spontaneous singing and dancing in a movie; always struck me as ridiculous.

My mother, a great Elvis Presley fan had tried to lure me into the genre.  But even the greats like GI Blues had me resolutely unconvinced.

What Changed
I suppose I just grew up.   The love of music helped of course.  And seeing a talented actor or actress not just act but sing & dance was now seen as an advantage, a real talent, adding to the fluidity of the plot, and no more a mere 'ridiculous' plot device.

And so to our latest find:

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

The setup is that Rebecca Bunch  (played by Rachel Bloom) is a twenty something, fast rising New York lawyer who quits her job to move to West Covina, California, where she just happens to know a childhood romance Josh just happens to live.

Put Yourself First

So what is stopping you.   Tune in right now.  Available on Amazon Prime.   And the usual sources :-)

One Last Thing

We were late to the Ex-Girlfriend appreciation society, but we discovered it by watching the Golden Globes ceremony, hosted by the charming, and right minded Ricky Gervais.  Do catch up on this if you missed it, for his dialog, but also for who won what and why.