Thursday, February 04, 2016

A Daily Cycle

Marcus discussed daily exercise almost one year ago in 2015, here.  But given the clement weather here in Lausanne Switzerland I put forward to Agata that it is our chance to >> 

Ramp it up a little.   Yes, weather conditions permitting:

A Daily Cycle

Now although we would like to be perceived as super human, unfortunately it is not so.  Marcus for example sometime gets dizzy just getting up from the sofa.

Making it so Easy
In my opinion it's all about infrastructure to make the daily cycle as easy as possible ...

Before setting out you need to have already accurately checked the temperature.  In this case thermal booties to make sure we'll be warm in 5 degree weather.

We have some suitable motivational listening for our journey. Buy it here

With water bottles prepared we scoot down to the secure basement and check tyre pressures, put on lights, put on helmets and gloves and get out there.

The bicycles are always cleaned at the end of the last ride so basic condition is already assured.

NB: Agata says,  Marcus sometimes causes a delay to feed the bloody cats!

 We stop to take off a clothing layer.  By the lake it is /roasting/ but at altitude as we will climb it will get colder.

 Agata says:  Marcus is still doing his damn Smartphone camera app testing.  Mind you, the view is not that bad.

And, double plus good.  Not that many people around here at lunchtime :-)

Agata, the super wife. 

Once back home, immediately plug in all our cycle lights, which are of course rechargable.  We cycle with full lights 24x7 for safety, and this makes it painless.

And finally a super competent washing machine, ready to take and thoroughly wash everything, with maximum efficiency to turn it around for tomorrow.

And finally

- Never be too ambitious for the daily cycle
- Choose a ride that you'll recover from in < 24 hours
- Even for a known route, take a toolkit and spare tyres and of course food and liquids
- If it even looks like Ice or Rain, call it off.