Tuesday, February 02, 2016

110% Accurate Smartphone Leak

Nu Shooz: I can't wait

This is a slight repetition of a previous rant.  For which I apologise.  It is just that this morning on round#1 of clearing my technology in-basket I was faced by an exponentially increasing pile of supposition, rumour, pictures and 'quality' leaks about forthcoming smartphone releases.

From the blogosphere, twittersphere, rendersphere, supposition-o-sphere, basically the bull-sh*t-o-sphere

As somebody who has a two year old and three year old pair of wonderful daily phones, but with dated and now failing cameras,  I am really keen to upgrade.

But upgrade:

- when new phones are actually announced
- when the new phones are available to buy in my geography
- when I can compare manufacturer published specs and prices

I don't need to hear about a retweet of an idea of a spotty kid's rendering fantasy thought up in a basement months ago.

I am not even prepared to buy a half decent phone at 25% of it's inventory clearing retail price.

No really, I prefer to wait.   As Frankie says:

Frankie: Relax

So dear Internet, please stop it with all the rumour sh*t.

And, I'm not even going to dignify the plethora of articles I had to wade thru this morning with links.