Friday, January 01, 2016

Ushering in the New Year of 2016

New years Eve 2015 saw Marcus and Agata preparing for an almost 'traditional' end to our year with the Music and Fireworks concert in town.

Some years ago this was actually in the centre of town but 3 years ago  (I think) they moved the venue to the Athletics stadium in the North East.   In fact into the Car park which is screened so all entrants to the party may not bring in any Alcohol or anything that could be used as a weapon. Their actions in the light of 2015 Global Terrorism can be thought to have been visionary

With the temperature down at -10 degrees C we both fell back on a Thermal clothing underlayer.  As athletes we have a mountain of precise clothing for hot, cold and even different degrees of cold.  We would be outside for over 5 hours and getting our hands, feet or any other body part freezing cold was not part of the plan!

(Later, in the early hours as we were to walk into the town centre. Marcus was to observe people smiling as they walked on the street without any headwear.  Mad as a box of spanners. )

We consulted the Metro and noticed that the new line running West to East directly to the Stadium (so that you don't take an overground tram) is missing.  Shocking, but I am assured that it is really there!

 Arrival at the stadium well before midnight

The highlight of the night was the British rock band /The Kooks/ who were headlining the music.  Naturally we had been listening to some of their music beforehand since this is not a band we normally follow.

The Kooks: Naive

The kooks performance was excellent and technology gave the huge happy & participating crowd really stunning visuals thanks to the high resolution screens.  And the music quality was just staggering.  As Engineers we have nothing but respect for this technology.

And here it is.  New Year 2016. Wahoo.  We are now treated to a 12 minute firework display

Technical note:  I shot a 60 second entering the New Year video.  But thanks to the crapiness of Windows 10 Mobile and Onedrive I'm unable to share out the video.  W10M boo to you.

Okay, I might sound ungrateful but 12 minutes of fireworks is really over the top.  After about 5 minutes I was /over fireworked/.  I mean there is only so much whizzing and banging and shooting lights that one can take before it just becomes so so.

Post midnight the more hardcore dance music began guested by the DJ Paul van Dyk.

As someone with a passion for; and actual daily listener of: a large quota of dance music, I rated the Van Dyk music about meh.  That is about 3/10 on the Marcus goodness scale.   I just could not recognise any of the tunes, it was merely boom boom.  Perhaps I am getting senile after all!

The potentially long walk home was cut short by taking the Metro. It is running 24x7 over Christmas, but you still have to pay, or jump over the barriers.  Obviously, we paid.

Marcus' last Christmas celebration was to sample the first Christmas pudding of 2016.  Delicious

Of course, being mindful,  we continuously think of our energy footprint.  Microwave 45 seconds.  Steam or Boil at 30 minutes. There is not even a contest.

So to all our dear friends, at homes spread across the Globe, we wish you a mindful, peaceful and positive 2016

The Kooks: See Me Now

The Kooks
BBC Radio4: The End