Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Future's so Bright

Future's so Bright

To outsiders the weather in Switzerland may just be of passing interest.  But to Marcus and Agata we realise it's a cornerstone of the economy of our Canton.  That is Vaud Switzerland.

As the locals know 2 key industries are Swiss wine and Swiss Ski resorts.  Both are very temperature sensitive.

Just 2 days ago I found that we don't even have an hours drive to the local ski resort.  We used to goto Champery but friends have pointed out that St George is a mere 30 minutes drive away.

We talked about our Snow run here

But even at over 1000 metres altitude at this temperature the Snow is melting ... fast.

We recently also talked  with slight sarcasm that we hoped that the 3 days of winter  would be all that we would experience this year.

So what in reality is the Position?

- 2015 was a year of heat records in many parts of Switzerland

- We are big fans of it melting in our neighbourhood.  We are at about 700 metres altitude and unless we get dry roads it is unacceptably dangerous to put in our desired daily training cycle at speed.

 - It is so sunny and hot that I am testing out the portable solar panels for our summer 'off grid adventures' on our balcony! In January!  Yikes

So bright that non DSLR photographs come out all wrong because it is so sunny

So bright and hot that our Balcony thermostat keeps telling us it is over 30 degrees C outside  (it's not obviously!)

- So please: Dear Snow gods.  Please can we have it dry and warm upto about 1000 metres and we will gladly endorse heavy snow at 2000 metres and above and moderate snow from 1000 metres up.

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