Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sunday Sermon: The Religious All Nighter

The Young Messiah

Looking back on Christmas one must admit that Christians regard it as their premiere religious festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Now of course it's also true that the actual birth date within the year is unknown, and also that Christianity absorbed many of the Pagan festivals and customs of the time near Winter Solstice.

But these are minority factors.

About this time then we see a sharp increase in the availability of Christian themed films.  I have this vision, or as I would call it nightmare that I get invited to an 'all nighter' of  these ideological Christian movies, and I'm forced into sit in .. well, disbelief at the programming:

God's Not Dead

God's Not Dead (Part II)  April 2016

The Messengers Box

Eternal Salvation

The Christmas Candle

90 minutes in Heaven

Now all of the above would have me crying, and I don't mean in a /I've been moved way/.  I can only say that if anybody so much as sends me a DVD of any of the above, well they will be off a future Christmas card list at the very least.

Actually Worth a Punt?

The Masked Saint

So what would I be thrilled to attend? For me an invite to a Ricky Gervais spectacular would be the best.   I could start with the Series Derek

Ricky Gervais: Derek

Derek - Complete Box Set [DVD]

Derek on Amazon

Then follow it up with the Animals Standup

Ricky Gervais Live - Animals [2003] [DVD]

Ricky Gervais:Animals

And finally the pièce de résistance

The Invention of Lying

I cannot resist sharing one particularly powerful scene

The Invention of Lying is my pick for best religious movie of all time.

The Invention of Lying (youtube)