Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunday Sermon: The Parable of the Worm

A close friend, in fact a relation, a person with a University level Science based background surprised me last year. After telling me why he is now again a believing Christian.

Last year I had a bicycle accident. I was in a bicycle lane and a car came from the other side of the road and hit me and the bicycle hard.

The fact that I am still alive, with only minor damage to me  (bicycle was a right off) proves that there is a God, and that my Christian God has saved me from death.

Could it be that proof of God, though a personal miracle is possible?

I did raise the following counter narratives

- You are young and athletic,  you; and no divine force was responsible for your survival
- It was the work of God, but definitely not your God,  it was in fact my God  (who actually hates your God)
- It was the work of Allah and not the Christian God, who saved you in order to make it possible that you convert to Islam
- I had a very similar accident, whereby a motorcyclist came and hit me whilst I was cycling down a Cycle Lane.  With busted ribs it took me almost 2 years (to Jan 2016) to recover fitness.  But recover I did. I put the accident down to bad luck, and a careless motorcyclist,  not divine intervention.

But he was still convinced:

I just know it was my God.  I feel it in my heart. 

A Worm Miracle

A few months ago I was taking out the washing from our automated machine. 

Like most machines; the spinning drum interfaces with the door via a circular rubber seal, including a drain at the bottom. Sometime items get stuck there, so it's a good idea to check the rubber folds at wash end, and even perform some cleaning there periodically.

That evening I opened the folds to clean and inspect.

And LO,  I found a large fat worm, over 15cm in length. Initially I totally freaked out!  

After disposing of the worm, now dead after 2 hours of washing; Marcus and Agata began a process to see how it could be possible for the worm to get into the machine

- We checked the inlet water: Filtered

- We checked the outlet water: Filtered

- We checked the rubber filter:  To small for a worm to crawl thru anyway

So far then it was a miracle,  we searched for an explanation:


  • We were both hallucinating
  • Somebody broke into our flat,  got past the security cameras and alarms,  brought in a dead worm and placed it into our washing machine, and then left
  • The worm was sent by the WORM GOD, as a special communication, irritated that until now worms had been ignored by humankind
  • It is somehow a confirmation of the Islamic Religion
  • It is a miracle that affirms the validity of the Christian Religion

And Lo

A few days later I recounted this story to our Personal trainer. She did not accept my theory about the worm god.  She said:

You know the other day when you did the open air training session in the park with me.  And you put your jacket down on the grass.  Do you think it is possible that a worm crawled inside that jacket.  And that you put it, i.e. the jacket and the worm inside the washing machine without noticing it.   Then later when you checked the rubber seal the worm had drifted there and died from the hot water?

Yes, I said, that might be just a little more likely than the invisible burglar or Worm god theory.

A Conclusion

Coldplay: Magic

When the inexplicable happens the default explanation should not be a Religious miracle.  Further it is not an affirmation of the 'one true God' whose religion you were just so luckily born into.

And, most thinking people reason that extraordinary events of survival are the result of self determination, courage and skill, from behaviours contained within,  and not by any other worldly or divine benefactor.

And so dear readers, here endeth the parable of the Worm.

Badly Drawn Boy: Magic In the Air