Saturday, January 02, 2016

Sunday Sermon: The Dangers of Fairy Tales

The Show What You Wrote

Now you might regard this as a thinly veiled tactic to lure you into BBC Radio 4  (and BBC Radio 4 extra) and you would of course be right.

From Religion and Ethics, to Drama to Comedy  (my favourite) BBC radio is so far ahead of any competition, well there is no competition.

And despite this number#1 status quality broadcasting remains years after year.

30 days
But there is more.  You can listen to BBC Radio 4 anywhere on the planet simply by using this link

And now even more, because you can /listen again/ or catchup on any programme that you missed the first time round within 30 days of production. (It used to be just 7)

So go ahead, knock yourself out,  the very best in Entertainment, Culture and Documentaries awaits you.


The Show What You Wrote
BBC Radio Comedy
BBC Radio Drama

BBC Radio Religion and Ethics