Monday, January 11, 2016

Russell Hobbs Filter Kettle

For Christmas we treated ourselves to a new Purity Filter Kettle by Russell Hobbs

Our old filter kettle was over 5 years old and when a part dropped off, we thought it was time for a replacement.

Why a Filter Kettle?
We designed a small minimalist kitchen and in the limited worktop space a filter jug and separate kettle are just inefficient.

Cost and Performance
We got ours in a Christmas sale for about 16 GBP, they are about 28 GBP retail.

The best new feature of the kettle is that you can be filtering and boiling simultaneously.  Since the filtering (using Maxtra cartridges) is so fast, I can't imagine you'd dry boil the kettle even if it was empty when you pressed the power button

Overall then

+ Simultaneous filtering and boiling.  Really saves time.  I used to 'resent' the old kettle for taking so long to filter, and then me having to come back and switch it on to boil
- Cloudy water chamber (not clear) is annoying.  It's done so that any limescale that develops over time won't show. However we'd like it to show so we can get rid of it!
+ You can open up the boil chamber to put one of those limescale remover wire balls inside
+ Removable washable anti scale filter (but it is tiny so we think the ball is necessary)
+ Good detachable base with hideme cable tidy
+ Maxtra cartridge LCD usage.
+ 1 litre capacity

Purity Kettle