Saturday, January 02, 2016

ParkRun at -13

What is Parkrun
First it is a simple yet brilliant idea.  It is an international 5Km Saturday run that is free and locally organised.  You identify yourself with a barcode and so run times may be published globally.

To our mind it is ingenious because it's a place to meet like minded runners,  and for entry level runners to get motivated and participate in a timed running event.  

The Weather

It is not snowing yet but the temperature is a staggeringly low -13  (my approximate for -11 degrees C physical temp and a windchill). 

We are not accustomed to this temperature.  For example, even on the Swiss ski slopes that we run during winter, temperatures including wind chill would rarely get to -10 and often strong sun means -5 at coldest.

Before Parkrun

The rules for -13 running for us are

- multiple clothing layers
- don't stand still
- don't remove hands from gloves!
- Zipped tops so that you can regulate your temperature

Let us begin!
We plodded the 3Km to the start from home and had a look at the course.  Running around a park including a church  (of course!)

Ready to Start

Prep Talk

 Lady running with a dog

Yes, the obligatory guy in shorts that makes us feel like pussies with all our thermals on.

Music Failure
Agata pointed out that without music Marcus is almost unable to run and this morning my music player failed.  Despite this diabolical handicap I did complete the run

During the Run
Following the earlier rule, I refused to take my hands out of my gloves to take my traditional smartphone pictures whilst on the run. Too cold Grommit!

Post run Happiness
Agata cheers on Doctor 

After the finish you get a barcoded tag which enables your time to be determined and then this is scanned together with your personal barcode to match the time to you.

Agata has a post run stretch and smile.   We finished.   Just another 3Km run to get home, and then some breakfast.  Fantabulistic.

We really enjoyed this our first Parkrun and so we'll try more as location allows.