Friday, January 15, 2016

Marcus and Agata review 2015 p1

And Why Blog then?
Marcus and Agata maintain a daily blog.  It already goes into not just technical arenas, but personal & philosophical, and of course areas of religious detail.

It is our small record of our journey through life and how on a day to day basis we try to untangle complexity and also make our world and the wider environment just slightly better and more interesting.

So then, of course we would like to reflect on 2015 and in this posting the technologies that streamlined and changed our lives in 2015. Since we are both Engineers by training, and just a little OCD (and obviously in a nice way) you can leverage our 2015 experiences well into 2016, probably at lower cost, and knowing that we fully tested anything and everything to exhaustion.

Bluetooth Working

Slight software bugs aside  (Bluetooth is not yet working on my Windows 2016 TP4 installation), Bluetooth in 2015 is now pretty much rock solid.

Wired headphones are now only for emergency usage and detaching the lead gives you great flexibility whilst performing sports.  On a ski slope your Smartphone is tucked away somewhere safe and protected.  Yet, using the controls on your Bluetooth headset you can stop, pause or change your music at will.   On a Marathon you can keep that music player hidden and not have to worry about cords tangling, or getting the player ruined with rain ingress.

The next iPhone (7) is rumored to have removed the headphone jack, yes it is time.

2015 Bluetooth mentions

Sony A7 Camera

The Sony A7 has totally transformed the way we approach quality photography.  Fitted with a non zoom  (fixed focal Sony Zeiss) lens it makes this full frame camera smaller than ANY other DSLR on the market.

The camera inspires confidence.  I often end up just taking the one shot, because experience tells me it's going to come out perfectly.

Unlimited Internet

The Internet is now critically important to us.  All our Music, News, Television is delivered via the Internet.  We use it for all our Telephone and Video Calls.   Almost all of our goods except for food our ordered over the Internet.

Every time we step into a new Country, normally our first dash is to a Telecoms shop that we previously researched to find a Pay as You Go SIM for local, reasonably priced Mobile Internet.

So, at home we have not one but 2 Unlimited Internet plans, because, of course, one always needs a Backup.

Unlimited Speed Internet

In early 2015 we had been on an older Swisscom tariff when I noticed that we could go to a higher speed package for a smaller cost.   We said yes, but the upgrade was not a smooth one. Due to a Swisscom software error the TV signal was downgraded on the new TV internet box that came with the upgraded Internet service.  So we asked to 'back out' our upgrade until it was fixed.  But since our original package was now now obsolete they 'downgraded' us to a very slow Internet connection.  So initially our upgrade turned into a downgrade :-(

2 months later the TV problem was fixed and we reconsidered our upgrade.  Although we had initially wanted to save money, instead we ended up going for the very fastest Gigabit Swisscom package, at an even higher cost than original.  We reflected that our use of the Internet is so prolific that the extra cost was going to be worth it.

And whilst we are usually limited by slow speed servers, just occasionally we get really busy.

Additionally our Internationally prolifically used Web Server can now run without any speed limiting, because just let anybody try and max out our upload connection.  I'd like to see it!

Garmin 920XT watch
(Apple screws up)

As budding Athletes, Marcus and Agata monitor all runs and sporting activities and track whether we are getting faster and more proficient.   2015 was then somewhat of a monitoring disappointment.  Why?

Basically because Apple screwed up the Apple Watch.  It was my firm belief that the Apple Watch would be enough of a success to force the existing SmartWatch manufacturers  like Garmin, TomTom, Polar to up their game.  But success was 'only' average and the established manufacturers stood mostly still.

The public still don't regard the Apple Watch as a killer product and to any serious or even mildly serious athlete a smartwatch without a GPS is a j-o-k-e.

So Marcus has hung onto his Garmin 920XT and Agata to her Fenix 3 watch.

I much prefer the 920XT since it has the ability to record over a 10 hour race (like the Fenix 3), but it's lighter and  a comfortable 24x7 wearable watch.  To delicate marcus :-)  the Fenix 3 is too heavy and bulky for continuous wear.

Fujitsu IX 500 Scanner

Large parts of our life are spent scanning documents.  In fact every document, receipt and magazine article.  Well, even our Christmas cards are scanned.

We had heavily previously invested in an expensive Samsung multi function printer scanner, but the scanner part has let us down and so the Fujitsu replacement was welcome.

It turns out to be a joy to use.  It is fast, efficient, never jams, can scan 200 hundred page+ documents into one file effortlessly, and drum roll ... is able to create a searchable .PDF file.  

Searchable is something we did with our gen -2 scanner, was lost with Samsung and is not back with Fujitsu IX500.  To restate, searchable pdf's enable you to search thru your document contents say using an OSX search or via Google Drive.  It is just incredible.

Windows  10

Windows 10 is bloody great.  There I said it!  For a mobile Operating System I would not use anything else on my laptop. It provides me with a 64 bit Operating System, with Application Compatibility reaching back into the annals of Microsoft time, and crucially it support my Touch Screen laptop, and a large variety of hardware.  Also it supports Modern Apps (which I never liked), but now they need not be full-screen, something that was always ... well ridiculous on .. Windows.

Whilst I do use Linux and OSX extensively, and I probably use them each for more hours per week than nearly any fanboy reading this post and tutting loudly: But my most familiar experience is still with Microsoft, after all I first used and programmed them in 1976, and it's good to stay in touch with my IT roots.

Note: that for a Power User, and Static Workstation platform I would instead recommend Windows 2012 R2 server and in 2016 I would point to 2016 Server.  And I'd use VMware virtualisation (not ESX) to run all my various guest Operating Systems from Remix, to Centos, to PClinuxOS, to Ubuntu, to OSX

OnePlus One & Nexus 5

In general, Smartphones in 2015 have been what many people regard as their primary computing device.  For Marcus and Agata we are a little different.  We use a multi display, multi OS server,  and, an iPad / Apple OSX computer respectively.

We do of course love our Smartphones and they are invaluable whilst we are not at home, but as homeboys (and girls) we are frequently home, and thus not smart-phoning as much of the time.

Regardless, I am so so so happy with my resolute don't buy a new Smartphone in 2015 stance.  Both my principal phone are now on Android 6 and I'm loving the applications and the base level features that Google and Cyanogenmod (for the Oneplus) provide me.

8TB Hard Disk

Marcus moved to his first 8TB hard disk in 2015 and for future data requirements it is still the most cost efficient storage size  (assuming you go for the Seagate Archive  drive).

Aeropress and Coffee

Aeropress makes an excellent cup off coffee simply and economically.  Since all it needs is a kettle and ground coffee it is also used extensively when we are travelling in our Motorhome where there is no guaranteed 240V mains electricity.

Philips Juicer

We twice tried to upgrade and replace our Philips HR 2752 juicer, but it is back because it's simply better. Aside from the technicalities we'd like to stress our continued change in diet and lifestyle.

- No fizzy drinks, except water
- No shop purchased juices, even 'freshly squeezed'
- Only home squeezed fruit juice
- Usually grapefruit and oranges, with pomegranates if pricing offers allow.


The PDF archive

For posterity and the smallest amount of Paranoia, in case Google disappears, we make .pdf files of blog posts.  And of course they are here for 2015

So that Uncle Google can find everything I am pasting in the HTML here

20150101 Steppin Out into 2015.pdf5.584 K21/01/1514:33
20150102 First Run 2015.pdf2.760 K21/01/1514:33
20150103 Petzl Tikka RXP Headtorch review.pdf1.004 K21/01/1514:32
20150104 Sunday Sermon bonus, Life after death.pdf176 K21/01/1514:32
20150104 Sunday Sermon, 10 Reality Commandments.pdf204 K21/01/1514:32
20150105 PRIDE, The Movie.pdf235 K21/01/1514:31
20150106 4G and 4G and 4G Networking.pdf1.044 K21/01/1514:31
20150107 Parental Goodbyes.pdf368 K21/01/1514:30
20150108 End of term, Russell Hobbs Juicer.pdf496 K21/01/1514:29
20150109 Because Physical Violence Works.pdf2.545 K21/01/1514:29
20150109 The Backup Apartment.pdf466 K21/01/1514:29
20150110 Philips HR 2752 Juicer.pdf632 K21/01/1514:28
20150111 Sunday sermon, Januarys child is Evolving.pdf280 K21/01/1514:28
20150112 Exploring BEX.pdf1.904 K21/01/1514:27
20150113 We missed CES 2015.pdf528 K21/01/1514:23
20150114 HV-803 HV-805 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.pdf591 K21/01/1514:12
20150114 My Uncle Z.pdf349 K21/01/1514:13
20150114 The International Peter Gabriel Conspiracy.pdf256 K21/01/1514:13
20150115 Perhaps there is a GOD and she is Swiss.pdf363 K21/01/1514:12
20150116 Your Pension in these hands.pdf372 K21/01/1514:12
20150117 Crashplan first thoughts.pdf371 K21/01/1514:11
20150118 Sunday Sermon, I am offended.pdf262 K21/01/1514:11
20150119 A fine Watch in Switzerland.pdf284 K21/01/1514:10
20150119 On NTFS formatting.pdf1.002 K21/01/1514:11
20150120 sNOw Stop me.pdf1.618 K21/01/1514:08
20150120 Tuesday Sermon, Papal fallibility.pdf297 K21/01/1514:10
20150121 Crashplan meets Dropbox meets Google Drive.pdf264 K21/01/1514:07
20150122 It is the POLICE.pdf736 K7/02/1521:10
20150123 Geotagging my DSLR Photographs.pdf1.118 K7/02/1521:10
20150123 Why Falling Prices are Actually a Really Good Thing.pdf262 K7/02/1521:10
20150124 Blue Blood too rich for Switzerland.pdf1.610 K7/02/1521:09
20150125 Windows Server Shutdown and Boot Times.pdf418 K7/02/1521:08
20150126 Goodbye Greece.pdf291 K7/02/1520:32
20150126 Sunday Sermon, Mormons on the Train.pdf583 K7/02/1521:09
20150126 Use Cases, Crap and Hoarding.pdf349 K7/02/1520:33
20150127 Taking Agata to Work.pdf33.009 K7/02/1520:32
20150128 Wednesday Sermon, I am offended.pdf278 K7/02/1520:31
20150129 Tim Cook says, It is APRIL fool.pdf235 K7/02/1518:03
20150130 Sony QX10 Camera Lens.pdf8.489 K7/02/1518:01
20150131 Finish SwiMP3, Newer is not always better.pdf990 K7/02/1518:01
20150201 Running Chalet a Gobet.pdf6.563 K7/02/1517:39
20150202 Monday Sermon, A year without God, The Documentary.pdf300 K7/02/1517:38
20150203 Agata wins a Prize.pdf1.422 K7/02/1517:35
20150204 John Mayer, The music and talent.pdf197 K7/02/1517:35
20150205 Run Run Run Greece.pdf619 K7/02/1517:22
20150205 Thursday Sermon, I am Offended.pdf249 K7/02/1517:22
20150206 BBC Radio 4, Realising the Dream.pdf382 K7/02/1517:22
20150207 Geneva Motor Show 2015 Preview.pdf468 K7/02/1517:21
20150208 Sunday Sermon, Bob Jones University.pdf488 K25/03/1512:11
20150208 Sunday Sermon, NOT the Theory of Everything.pdf231 K25/03/1512:11
20150209 Snow Ploughs of Switzerland.pdf2.891 K25/03/1512:11
20150210 Financiapocalypse, Hiding behind the Musical Kimono.pdf254 K25/03/1512:10
20150211 Woeful Wednesday, Singing lessons.pdf291 K25/03/1512:10
20150212 Sit down Next to me.pdf184 K25/03/1512:09
20150213 Focpocalypse Friday the 13th, Deal or no Deal.pdf356 K25/03/1512:08
20150213 The price of Expertise.pdf394 K25/03/1512:08
20150214 My Darling Mathematical Valentine.pdf1.867 K25/03/1512:07
20150215 Sunday Sermon, Oh my Chocolate GOD.pdf5.722 K25/03/1512:07
20150216 A life less monitored.pdf2.106 K25/03/1512:06
20150217 Cloud Computing and Incrementalism.pdf249 K25/03/1512:05
20150217 Emotional Hygiene.pdf181 K25/03/1512:06
20150218 ECB Caves Again.pdf345 K25/03/1512:04
20150218 Ikea Flourescent Light A0401.pdf3.483 K25/03/1512:05
20150219 Calculating GOD.pdf312 K25/03/1512:04
20150220 Daily Exercise.pdf553 K25/03/1512:04
20150221 IBM FlashSystem Storage.pdf941 K25/03/1512:04
20150223 Snow for the Weekend madam.pdf5.333 K25/03/1512:02
20150224 No Advertising including Superfish thanks.pdf318 K25/03/1512:01
20150225 21 again.pdf610 K25/03/1512:00
20150226 The right way to cook Pasta.pdf570 K25/03/1511:59
20150227 20Km distractions.pdf2.489 K25/03/1511:59
20150228 The cost of People.pdf596 K25/03/1511:59
20150301 Darling, Please come to Bed.pdf673 K25/03/1511:59
20150301 Sunday Sermon, Insrutably yours GOD.pdf1.554 K25/03/1511:58
20150302 Beggars in Lausanne.pdf1.581 K25/03/1511:57
20150302 Marcus and Agata take the day off.pdf2.748 K25/03/1511:58
20150303 Agata has a Birthday.pdf1.573 K25/03/1511:56
20150304 Wireless Phone charging 2015.pdf436 K25/03/1511:53
20150305 The two mobile phone strategy.pdf6.615 K25/03/1511:53
20150305 Thursday Sermon, I am offended.pdf342 K25/03/1511:53
20150306 Down Stressing.pdf331 K25/03/1511:52
20150307 Supermarket Surreal.pdf863 K25/03/1511:52
20150307 The office of lost keys.pdf739 K25/03/1511:51
20150308 Sunday Sermon, Christian Science.pdf422 K25/03/1511:51
20150309 Internation Womens Day 2015.pdf494 K25/03/1511:51
20150310 Apple Watch and Apple Macbook.pdf275 K25/03/1511:50
20150310 Attention to Chain Detail.pdf2.989 K25/03/1511:50
20150311 Debug Cycle 4, As you and I like it.pdf912 K25/03/1511:48
20150312 Geneva Motor Show Salon de L'auto 2015.pdf8.702 K25/03/1511:48
20150313 Agata and marcus go Climbing.pdf5.325 K25/03/1511:45
20150314 I am not standing for that.pdf403 K25/03/1511:43
20150315 Sunday Sermon, Another ambiguous prayer.pdf290 K25/03/1511:43
20150316 Monday Morning Blues.pdf798 K25/03/1511:42
20150316 When Google Pixel met Apple Macbook.pdf280 K25/03/1511:43
20150317 Snowshoeing at Les5.260 K25/03/1511:41
20150318 Agata and the User Acceptance Test.pdf1.268 K25/03/1511:40
20150319 Finally the right ratio.pdf1.676 K25/03/1511:40
20150320 Finally I agreed with Apple.pdf726 K25/03/1511:39
20150320 Here comes the sun.pdf870 K25/03/1511:38
20150321 Baselworld 2015.pdf476 K25/03/1511:38
20150322 Sunday Sermon, Bennetts Law.pdf1.082 K25/03/1512:02
20150322 Sunday Sermon, if I was GOD.pdf171 K25/03/1511:37
20150323 Todays food shopping cost 26,925 francs.pdf1.183 K25/03/1511:36
20150324 Hosting Webpages on GoogleDrive.pdf404 K25/03/1511:34
20150325 When one thing leads to another.pdf571 K25/03/1511:33
20150326 Another Job Interview.pdf228 K6/04/1520:35
20150327 Gettng Marcus out the Door.pdf461 K6/04/1520:36
20150328 AeroPress Coffee Machine.pdf4.258 K6/04/1520:36
20150329 Sunday Sermon, Not a Religiously inspired Murder, just Murder.pdf715 K6/04/1520:37
20150330 Bicycle Testing, Is this a Crack which I see before me.pdf3.704 K6/04/1520:37
20150331 Swiss Motorway charges 2015.pdf454 K6/04/1520:37
20150401 Fool if you think it's over.pdf478 K6/04/1520:38
20150402 Darling, Can I buy a new computer.pdf566 K6/04/1520:38
20150403 Goodbye to our Friend.pdf782 K6/04/1520:39
20150404 Finis Neptune Swim Music Player.pdf1.446 K6/04/1520:39
20150404 The Apple Watch coming to Switzerland or NOT.pdf354 K6/04/1520:39
20150405 Sunday Sermon, Heretic.pdf349 K6/04/1520:40
20150406 Easter Monday Sermon.pdf1.015 K6/04/1520:40
20150407 Agata the tired less.pdf649 K11/06/1518:55
20150408 OnePlus and OxygenOS and CyanogenMod.pdf336 K11/06/1518:56
20150408 Tsipras, to Russia and Beyond.pdf518 K11/06/1518:56
20150409 Search and Probe in 1972.pdf190 K11/06/1518:57
20150410 Bluedio Q5 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth headphones.pdf293 K11/06/1518:58
20150411 Sony Alpha A7 Full Frame DSLR.pdf372 K11/06/1518:59
20150412 Sunday Sermon Extra, God Hates Figs.pdf140 K11/06/1519:00
20150412 Sunday Sermon, Please not GOD BLESS.pdf309 K11/06/1518:59
20150413 Help with the golive darling.pdf340 K11/06/1519:01
20150414 GoGo Penguin Live.pdf450 K11/06/1519:01
20150415 Disk Juggling with GParted and Clonezilla.pdf443 K11/06/1519:01
20150415 Lausanne 20K 2015.pdf490 K11/06/1519:06
20150416 Dinner is postponed indefinitely until further notice UFN.pdf176 K11/06/1519:02
20150417 The Integrated Handlebar heartache.pdf814 K11/06/1519:03
20150418 Profanity, Swearing and the Slur.pdf343 K11/06/1519:03
20150419 Sunday Sermon, Changing your religion.pdf1.226 K11/06/1519:03
20150420 The all nighter with passion.pdf530 K11/06/1519:03
20150421 Garmin Bicycle Speed and Cadence sensor Gen2.pdf410 K11/06/1519:04
20150421 When did you last update your sysinternals.pdf219 K11/06/1519:04
20150422 Remembering our Ken.pdf131 K11/06/1519:04
20150423 OnePlus and CyanogenMod meets Android 5.1.pdf690 K11/06/1519:05
20150424 Anker 5 Port USB Charger.pdf223 K11/06/1519:06
20150426 Sunday Sermon, 50 ways to patronise your lover or husband or wife.pdf644 K11/06/1519:07
20150427 AWEH Apple Watch Event Horizon.pdf548 K11/06/1519:07
20150428 10Gbe Netowkring still too rich for e.pdf288 K11/06/1519:07
20150428 When selling small counts BIG.pdf411 K11/06/1519:08
20150429 Because Honesty Matters.pdf666 K11/06/1519:08
20150430 Sparse Files.pdf226 K11/06/1519:09
20150501 Because the Few ALWAYS ruin it for the many.pdf243 K11/06/1519:09
20150502 Magnese Traveller DC Smart Car Charger.pdf307 K11/06/1519:10
20150503 CyanogenMod Privacy Guard.pdf300 K11/06/1519:10
20150503 Sunday Sermon, The Big Cover Up.pdf298 K11/06/1519:10
20150504 Too slow for Slow UP.pdf1.264 K11/06/1519:10
20150505 Tuesday Sermon, Religious Idolatory.pdf200 K11/06/1519:11
20150506 We bought another Apple.pdf723 K11/06/1519:11
20150507 Sell in may and start to Pray.pdf722 K11/06/1519:11
20150508 Lezyne HP Drive ABS Pump.pdf487 K11/06/1519:12
20150509 Party.pdf329 K11/06/1519:12
20150510 Mothers Day 2015.pdf334 K11/06/1521:52
20150510 Sunday Sermon, In defence of Free Speech.pdf587 K11/06/1519:12
20150511 Sony Alpha 7 Charging.pdf190 K11/06/1521:52
20150512 Something Particular.pdf196 K11/06/1521:52
20150513 It was De Fault of the Greeks.pdf664 K11/06/1521:53
20150514 Oneplus One Smartphone Review.pdf305 K11/06/1521:53
20150515 Logitech UE Ultimate Ears Mini Boom.pdf277 K11/06/1521:53
20150516 OnePlus One Cases.pdf316 K11/06/1521:53
20150517 Sunday Sermon, What Atheists wish Christians knew about them.pdf845 K11/06/1521:54
20150518 The technological Plateau or Plat OH.pdf405 K11/06/1521:54
20150519 OCD Lite.pdf1.108 K11/06/1521:55
20150520 Marcus and Agata go Wine Tasting.pdf233 K11/06/1521:55
20150520 Marcus gets even OLDer.pdf1.005 K11/06/1521:55
20150521 Seagate Expansion External Desktop Drive.pdf685 K11/06/1521:56
20150522 Bodum Electric Fruit Juicer Review.pdf185 K11/06/1521:56
20150523 Saturday Musings, Swiss prices (again).pdf215 K11/06/1521:56
20150524 CyloTour du Leman 2015.pdf1.085 K11/06/1521:57
20150525 Lifeline Torque Wrench Set review.pdf225 K11/06/1521:57
20150526 Whitsun Monday Switzerland.pdf1.129 K11/06/1521:57
20150527 Anatomy of a Fraud.pdf237 K11/06/1521:58
20150528 Oh Eurovision 2015.pdf350 K11/06/1521:58
20150529 Garmin Forerunner FR 920XT GPS Sportswatch.pdf783 K11/06/1521:58
20150530 la fete des voisins.pdf165 K11/06/1521:59
20150531 Journee Lausannoise du velo 2015.pdf1.579 K11/06/1521:59
20150601 Monday Sermon, Ex machina.pdf435 K11/06/1521:59
20150602 A message to Angela, Francois, Jean-Claud, Mario and Christine.pdf109 K11/06/1522:00
20150602 Goodbye, And thanks for all the Fish.pdf390 K11/06/1521:59
20150603 Garmin 920XT Fenix3 Routes.pdf237 K11/06/1522:00
20150604 Greece, Deal or No Deal.pdf365 K11/06/1522:01
20150604 Outisde.pdf355 K11/06/1522:01
20150605 Dual Supplier Strategy.pdf176 K11/06/1522:01
20150606 Learning about Push Scooters.pdf518 K11/06/1522:06
20150607 Sunday Musins, No miralces just rationality.pdf1.104 K11/06/1522:08
20150608 An audience with Mika.pdf690 K11/06/1522:08
20150609 Retirement Admin.pdf372 K11/06/1522:10
20150610 Razor A5 Lux Scooter initial impressions.pdf545 K11/06/1522:10
20150611 The Martian.pdf573 K11/06/1522:10
20150612 Spotify and when saving music becomes a chore.pdf353 K29/09/1510:59
20150613 Cycle Signoff part 2.pdf1.685 K29/09/1511:00
20150613 The restful API.pdf273 K29/09/1511:00
20150614 Sunday Sermon, An Interview with God.pdf592 K29/09/1511:01
20150615 Monday finance, Just smile and wave.pdf687 K29/09/1511:01
20150616 What I finally learnt about Push Scooters.pdf1.567 K29/09/1511:02
20150617 Wednesday Finance, Silly Games.pdf764 K29/09/1511:02
20150618 Wait for it.pdf855 K29/09/1511:02
20150619 Friday Financials, Can't Pay Won't Pay.pdf448 K29/09/1511:03
20150620 Recovering from a Running Injury.pdf1.409 K29/09/1511:03
20150621 Sunday Sermon, Ramendam 2015.pdf1.632 K29/09/1511:03
20150622 March Romande du General Guisan 2015.pdf5.220 K29/09/1511:04
20150623 Taylor Swift vs Apple Music.pdf441 K29/09/1511:05
20150624 Wednesday financial wobbles.pdf695 K29/09/1511:05
20150625 Bluetooth Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012.pdf876 K29/09/1511:06
20150626 Friday Financial Miracle.pdf708 K29/09/1511:06
20150627 Centenary Course run Lausanne.pdf3.193 K29/09/1511:06
20150628 La Romandie Classic 2015.pdf2.281 K29/09/1511:07
20150629 When Infrastructure Counts.pdf295 K29/09/1511:07
20150630 Tiny Buetooth Earphone.pdf505 K29/09/1511:07
20150701 Greek Numbers.pdf658 K29/09/1511:08
20150702 Thursday Finance, A lesson in Debt.pdf630 K29/09/1511:09
20150703 Razor A5 Lux Scooter Upgrade.pdf1.146 K29/09/1511:09
20150704 The cost of eating Swiss.pdf687 K29/09/1511:10
20150705 Sunday Sermon, Listening to Westboro.pdf496 K29/09/1511:10
20150706 A night and a day without the internet.pdf2.191 K29/09/1511:18
20150707 Microsoft All in One Media Keyboard.pdf372 K29/09/1511:19
20150708 It's all about the money.pdf564 K29/09/1511:20
20150708 Review, Zoggs Predator Flex.pdf681 K29/09/1511:20
20150709 Another sleepless night in Lausanne Switzerland.pdf2.282 K29/09/1519:38
20150710 Festival de la cite Lausanne.pdf1.389 K29/09/1519:39
20150711 When even Linux could not diagnose windows mail.pdf608 K29/09/1519:39
20150712 High capacity 2.5 inch dard drives.pdf255 K29/09/1519:40
20150712 Sunday Financial Sermon, A message to Alexis but mainly Angela.pdf545 K29/09/1519:40
20150713 Excitement is building.pdf660 K29/09/1519:41
20150714 Downgrading our Internet Connection.pdf584 K29/09/1519:41
20150715 La Favorite Cycle 2015.pdf2.333 K29/09/1519:41
20150716 Thinking about a Motorhome.pdf772 K29/09/1519:42
20150717 The paranoid Android Windows 10 upgrade.pdf472 K29/09/1519:42
20150718 50000mAh Powerbank Testing.pdf938 K29/09/1519:43
20150719 Sunday Finance, I am beginning to like the Greek.pdf731 K29/09/1519:43
20150720 Where's the party.pdf1.082 K29/09/1519:43
20150721 A good sone delivers.pdf1.075 K29/09/1519:44
20150722 Lausanne Switzerland and the Heatwave.pdf1.452 K29/09/1519:44
20150723 Floppy Disk Frustrations.pdf537 K29/09/1519:46
20150724 The Good Boss.pdf549 K29/09/1519:46
20150725 Salomon Speedcross Professional.pdf833 K29/09/1519:47
20150726 The Mobile Internet.pdf2.503 K29/09/1519:47
20150727 Dont leave home without.pdf2.855 K29/09/1519:47
20150728 Monday Sermon, A visit to the hospital.pdf947 K29/09/1519:48
20150729 Three (one plus 2).pdf603 K29/09/1519:48
20150730 Cycling Warsaw with Veturilo.pdf875 K29/09/1519:49
20150731 Kitten Spotted.pdf1.677 K29/09/1519:49
20150801 We ordered a Motorhome.pdf3.646 K29/09/1519:49
20150802 Sunday Sermon, Empathy, Compassion and Amy.pdf953 K29/09/1519:50
20150803 Your de Pologne 2015.pdf1.977 K29/09/1519:50
20150804 Duplication and De duplication.pdf370 K29/09/1519:50
20150805 Cycling Alpe D'Huez.pdf1.235 K29/09/1519:51
20150806 Hiking Les Deux Alpes.pdf2.438 K29/09/1519:51
20150807 Chatenet.pdf898 K29/09/1519:51
20150808 Cheaper Cycling.pdf1.018 K29/09/1519:53
20150809 Sunday Sermon, Everybody Hurts.pdf1.033 K29/09/1519:53
20150810 Asus 4G-N12 Router.pdf1.405 K29/09/1520:08
20150811 A scanned labour of love.pdf984 K29/09/1520:09
20150812 Polish Vehicles.pdf1.917 K29/09/1520:54
20150813 Somebody built a road.pdf2.267 K29/09/1520:56
20150814 Welcome to the Enterprise.pdf351 K29/09/1521:59
20150815 Shimano Dura Ace BR9000 brake downgrade.pdf1.788 K29/09/1522:00
20150816 Home is where the heart is.pdf1.746 K29/09/1522:01
20150817 Swiss davos.pdf2.233 K29/09/1522:01
20150818 Salomon s-lab sense soft ground trail shoes.pdf889 K29/09/1522:02
20150819 Exercising Bettmeralp.pdf1.968 K29/09/1522:02
20150820 Swisscom TV 2.0.pdf711 K29/09/1522:03
20150821 Just one of those days.pdf1.636 K29/09/1522:03
20150822 Furka Pass.pdf2.982 K29/09/1522:03
20150823 Sunday Sermon, A soapbox opera.pdf388 K29/09/1522:04
20150824 Lausanne Triathlon 2015.pdf2.772 K29/09/1522:04
20150825 China, We are innocent.pdf804 K29/09/1522:09
20150825 Saving Up.pdf1.209 K29/09/1522:09
20150826 Wonderful Warsaw.pdf2.161 K29/09/1522:10
20150827 Seagate seatools for windows.pdf745 K29/09/1522:11
20150828 Antec Mobile Products amp DBS Headphones.pdf436 K29/09/1522:11
20150829 Thanks to Rob and Hilary.pdf3.007 K29/09/1522:12
20150830 Sunday Sermon, Debt.pdf357 K29/09/1522:12
20150831 A heated Cup.pdf517 K29/09/1522:12
20150901 waiting on a friend.pdf889 K29/09/1522:15
20150902 Warsaw Airport Lounge.pdf1.271 K29/09/1522:16
20150903 Seagate Archive 8000GB 8TB Hard Disk Drive.pdf1.916 K29/09/1522:17
20150904 Synology SSD Disk Cache.pdf560 K29/09/1522:17
20150905 Static Homes and Static Caravans.pdf2.028 K29/09/1522:18
20150906 Sunday Sermon, Waste not, Want less.pdf338 K29/09/1522:18
20150907 Slave to the Kitty.pdf1.609 K29/09/1522:18
20150908 That Bloody Car.pdf741 K29/09/1522:19
20150909 Pully Plage is Open.pdf924 K29/09/1522:20
20150909 System Guys and Girls Love Firmware.pdf488 K29/09/1522:19
20150910 Apple september 2015 keynot, I am thrilled and excited.pdf296 K29/09/1522:21
20150910 Decathlon Ultra Trail Rucksack.pdf466 K29/09/1522:20
20150910 Remember remember the rates in september.pdf469 K29/09/1522:22
20150911 Compex and Recovery from injury.pdf1.040 K29/09/1522:24
20150911 Eurobike 2015 overview.pdf1.139 K29/09/1522:22
20150911 Half Marathon training fluids and powders.pdf370 K29/09/1522:23
20150912 Cotes de l'orbe half marathon 2015.pdf4.223 K29/09/1522:25
20150912 SRAM eTAP Wireless Electronic Groupset.pdf987 K29/09/1522:24
20150912 The colour run lausanne 2015.pdf1.381 K29/09/1522:24
20150913 Sunday Sermon, Gad Saad interview.pdf454 K29/09/1522:25
20150913 Sunday Sermon, Remembering Dave Allen.pdf885 K29/09/1522:25
20150914 Happy New Year.pdf398 K29/09/1522:26
20150914 Samsung Seagate Momentus 2TB Hard Drive.pdf1.643 K29/09/1522:26
20150915 Taking Up the slack.pdf1.814 K29/09/1522:26
20150916 Digial Dilemmas.pdf726 K29/09/1522:27
20150917 Electric Mountain Bike Testing.pdf1.696 K29/09/1522:28
20150918 Nexus 5 is alive.pdf3.514 K29/09/1522:42
20150918 No Rate Normalisation during my lifetime.pdf796 K29/09/1522:28
20150919 Comptoir Suisse 2015.pdf4.264 K29/09/1522:42
20150920 Sunday Sermon, Leaving a Faith.pdf1.191 K29/09/1522:43
20150921 Android M, why of course.pdf884 K29/09/1522:43
20150922 USB Power Monitoring in 2015.pdf1.029 K29/09/1522:43
20150923 Choosing my smartphone case.pdf596 K29/09/1522:44
20150924 Old American Cars.pdf2.312 K29/09/1522:44
20150925 15W LED Replacement Bulbs.pdf874 K29/09/1522:44
20150926 Farewell to the Crashplan cloud.pdf309 K29/09/1522:45
20150927 Sunday Sermon, Mysterious Ways.pdf477 K29/09/1522:45
20150928 Monday Sermon, Survivor.pdf443 K29/09/1522:52
20150928 Pioneer MVH X380BT Car Radio.pdf1.644 K29/09/1522:46
20150929 All two much.pdf466 K29/09/1522:52
20150930 Google Nexus event 2015.pdf1.279 K23/12/1523:06
20151001 Another wonderful weekend in Warsaw.pdf583 K23/12/1523:06
20151002 The Computer Backout.pdf271 K23/12/1523:05
20151003 Show me the code.pdf133 K23/12/1523:05
20151004 Sunday Sermon, Gravity.pdf223 K23/12/1523:04
20151005 Cycle upgrades, towards tubeless easy.pdf419 K23/12/1523:04
20151006 Costs of having a car in Switzerland.pdf199 K23/12/1523:03
20151007 Shimano R171 Cycling Shoes.pdf324 K23/12/1523:03
20151008 The heartbreak of choice.pdf277 K23/12/1523:03
20151009 Decathlon Btwin 520 Long Sleeve Cycling jersey.pdf183 K23/12/1523:02
20151010 The most good that you can do.pdf216 K23/12/1523:02
20151011 Sunday Sermon, Why do intelligent, well educated people still believe.pdf346 K23/12/1523:02
20151012 Oppo Color OS Camera Application on OnePlus.pdf490 K23/12/1523:01
20151013 I scooter you scooter.pdf317 K23/12/1523:01
20151014 Crops Pro Bicycle Lock.pdf218 K23/12/1523:00
20151015 Bluetooth Tethering.pdf261 K23/12/1523:00
20151016 Solar Charger, 200,000 mAh Power Bank and Light.pdf244 K23/12/1523:00
20151017 Sending that Postcard.pdf283 K23/12/1523:00
20151018 Sunday Sermon, Catching Up.pdf626 K23/12/1522:59
20151019 Bag Swag.pdf148 K23/12/1522:59
20151019 When Agata asks good backup questions.pdf168 K23/12/1522:59
20151020 A british Breakfast.pdf141 K23/12/1522:59
20151021 A brace of Smartphones.pdf182 K23/12/1522:58
20151022 Cycling around Interlaken and Grindlewald pass.pdf792 K23/12/1522:58
20151023 Financial Friday, 19,600,000,000,000 dollars please.pdf566 K23/12/1522:58
20151024 Our second Weekend Away.pdf798 K23/12/1522:57
20151025 Sunday Sermon, The prayer dialog.pdf326 K23/12/1522:57
20151026 Lausanne Marathon 2015.pdf938 K23/12/1522:56
20151026 The Polish Election Results 2015.pdf248 K23/12/1522:56
20151027 NEC Motorhome Show Report 2015.pdf745 K23/12/1522:56
20151028 Lenovo U430 takes a fall.pdf419 K23/12/1522:55
20151029 The 14mm wrench.pdf880 K23/12/1522:54
20151030 I am on a break.pdf319 K23/12/1522:54
20151031 When Good Service met Bad Service met No Service.pdf405 K23/12/1522:54
20151101 Carsten and Kathy Got.pdf420 K23/12/1522:53
20151101 Halloween 2015.pdf920 K23/12/1522:53
20151102 Berne Motorhome show report.pdf1.591 K23/12/1522:53
20151103 More Screen Real Estate.pdf330 K23/12/1522:53
20151104 Christmas Shopping Opportunities.pdf144 K23/12/1522:53
20151105 Judging by the Showers.pdf210 K23/12/1522:52
20151106 Gaydon Heritage Motor Museum.pdf692 K23/12/1522:52
20151107 Lucerne Transport Museum.pdf1.015 K23/12/1522:52
20151108 Lusting over the Dell XPS 15.pdf341 K23/12/1522:51
20151109 Fujitsu IS 500 Scansnap Scanner.pdf573 K23/12/1522:51
20151110 Another gap in our Education.pdf162 K23/12/1522:51
20151110 TAG Heuer Connected.pdf422 K23/12/1522:51
20151111 Blenheim Palace.pdf649 K23/12/1522:50
20151112 The slowest bicycle I have ever built.pdf927 K23/12/1522:50
20151113 Running Cinque Terre.pdf1.100 K23/12/1522:50
20151114 Bliss Mobil Big and Tough.pdf504 K23/12/1522:49
20151115 Sunday Sermon, A Religion, but for many, NOT of peace.pdf499 K23/12/1522:49
20151116 Helsana Points.pdf503 K23/12/1522:49
20151117 Do You specialise.pdf565 K23/12/1522:48
20151118 The 512GB USB Key.pdf526 K23/12/1522:48
20151119 Walking Salanfe.pdf515 K23/12/1522:48
20151120 A day with sme photography.pdf1.150 K23/12/1522:48
20151121 Adele 25.pdf237 K23/12/1522:47
20151121 Review, Knog Blinder Road R70.pdf804 K23/12/1522:47
20151122 Sunday Sermon, Exmuslim Because.pdf390 K23/12/1522:47
20151123 More Smartphone Camera Teting.pdf1.314 K23/12/1522:47
20151124 Runnaing And Cycling Levanto.pdf591 K23/12/1522:46
20151125 Night Time Shots.pdf945 K23/12/1522:46
20151125 Super B Bicycle Stand.pdf195 K23/12/1522:45
20151126 Android 6.0 Marchmallow and CyanogenMode 13.0 on Oneplus One.pdf578 K23/12/1522:45
20151127 Black Friday Envy.pdf229 K23/12/1522:35
20151127 Thanks for the Giving.pdf571 K23/12/1522:44
20151128 Solar Skeptic Report.pdf263 K23/12/1522:35
20151129 Wingamm City Suite Motorhome.pdf615 K23/12/1522:35
20151130 Monday Sermon, A taxing week for the meek.pdf763 K23/12/1522:34
20151201 Lausanne Motors.pdf1.402 K23/12/1522:34
20151202 Mini Tiny Bluetooth Stereo In-Ear Earphone Headset.pdf219 K23/12/1522:34
20151203 The difference between Irony and Fakery.pdf226 K23/12/1522:33
20151204 Cowbells and Switzerland.pdf165 K23/12/1522:33
20151205 USB Rechargable Hand Warmer.pdf202 K23/12/1522:33
20151206 Sunday Sermon, Another Coldplay Triumph.pdf582 K23/12/1522:32
20151207 Asics Gel Kayano 22.pdf280 K23/12/1522:32
20151208 Swisscom SmartLife monitoring.pdf191 K23/12/1522:31
20151209 Eurobike, the Pictures.pdf1.272 K23/12/1522:31
20151209 Unhappy Christmas.pdf272 K23/12/1522:31
20151210 Aosta Adventure.pdf458 K23/12/1522:23
20151211 Reinstalling Windows 10 Mobile W10M.pdf871 K23/12/1522:23
20151212 Keeping up with the software.pdf547 K23/12/1522:17
20151213 Lausanne Midnight Run 2015.pdf1.503 K23/12/1522:16
20151213 Sunday Sermon, Ron Regan speaks.pdf391 K23/12/1522:16
20151214 Sunday Afernoon Slowdown.pdf590 K23/12/1522:15
20151215 Waking by the lake with Windows 10 mobile.pdf643 K23/12/1522:15
20151216 Mont Blanc Massif.pdf884 K23/12/1522:15
20151217 Human Error meets OCD and I never Notice that.pdf320 K23/12/1522:15
20151218 To England and Back.pdf643 K23/12/1522:14
20151219 Hayfield Camping and Caravanning Site.pdf485 K23/12/1522:14
20151219 Sometimes when you try to help others.pdf753 K23/12/1522:14
20151220 Sunday Sermon, The sweetest way to tell your kids the truth about god.pdf203 K23/12/1522:13
20151221 Digital Security Review.pdf279 K23/12/1522:12
20151222 Christmas Movie Nightmares.pdf2.120 K23/12/1522:12
20151223 A ride with the 28s.pdf756 K23/12/1522:11
20151224 The All Nighter.pdf406 K13/01/1621:14
20151225 Chrstmassy Sermon, In goodness we trust.pdf349 K13/01/1621:15
20151226 The Christmas Number One.pdf256 K13/01/1621:16
20151227 Sunday Sermon, The Force at a certain age.pdf306 K13/01/1621:16
20151228 Let there be New Light.pdf475 K13/01/1621:16
20151229 Microsoft 640 XL review.pdf569 K13/01/1621:17
20151230 Technical Speculation.pdf191 K13/01/1621:17
20151231 Thursday Sermon, Religion and Morality.pdf280 K13/01/1621:17