Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Marcus and Agata do Christmas Presents

Until this year (Christmas 2015) we have always let friends and family know what inexpensive (a pair of socks) and expensive (a Nissan GT-R) presents we'd really like for Christmas.

But not in Christmas 2015.

We made Christmas 2015 a self funded Christmas.

We surmised that we had become /so bloody fussy/ that nobody else would be able to satisfy our requests


The iPhones 6S

If you have been reading you will know that Agata's iPhone 6 was stolen and never recovered.  Further, no insurance covered the loss.  So it was a big ouch to budget to buy a 6S as a Christmas present to Agata.

But to be fair she really deserves it as she rarely buys any technology, apart from a phone.

The Minions Puzzle

I do believe that Jigsaw- puzzling is a sign of contentment. Personally Marcus would never have the patience to complete any puzzle.  But Agata is on her /Impossible Minion/ puzzle that we had to order in especially from the UK. We are certainly deprived here in CH.

Christmas Tree Bunting

Let it never be said we don't get into the Christmas spirit in our family :-)

Hat tip to a special friend who provided us with our some Hand Painted decorations.

Russell Hobbs Kettle

This is a present to both of us! Notably the new kettle (replacing the existing 5 year old filter kettle) can filter and boil simultaneously.  This seemingly small feature is absolutely brilliant.


Suckers for my Phones

Now I got 3 suckers from Hong Kong, including postage for 1 GBP.  Come on, how do they do that?
And they actually work!

Microsoft Band 2

I splashed out on a Microsoft Band2 before christmas.  Since they are not sold in Switzerland I had to order it in the UK and have it hand carried back to Switzerland.

And then I was too busy to use it/ set it up.

What a bloody palava!  Are we too healthy here in Switzerland for Microsoft?  Anyway, I need at least 1 month of eval before I publish a review.  Best I can say presently is that it does actually work.

2 Pairs of Socks

Actually I thought these Decathlon Forclaz socks were expensive until I got home and found 2 pairs.  So in fact they are just warm, and very reasonably priced. 

Mince Pies

We have been to Marks and Spencer to get Christmas mince pies.  But this is non trivial when you realise there is no Marks and Spencer in our home country of Switzerland.  It shows Marcus' loyalty to the [M&S] brand, even as an expat.

Lumia 640XL Test Phone

I reviewed the 640 XL phone here.  As I photography nut I can say unequivocally that this camera takes superb photos in regular and low light conditions.  Photos better than phones of double its puny cost.  Pity then that everything else except the camera  (yes Windows 10 Mobile, I am talking to you )  is a bunch of c****   Software Review will follow when W10M officially live.

Upgraded Rugs

So although a change was desperately sought, you see here some new IKEA Alhede rugs looking suspiciously similar to the outgoing specimens.  This was a joint present to ourselves.

Economy Note:Marcus would like to stress that due to the iPhone 6S phenomenal cost,  my total present spend is comparable to Agata :-)

Future Presents
To many friends and family:  The best present to us would be a visit to our current home in Switzerland. You'll have a worry and cost free stay with us, for the duration.

For us, our next Present horizon is about April,  coinciding with another Christian festival.  What can I say, perhaps 'mysterious ways?'