Friday, January 29, 2016

Marcus Agata and Stuart visit Croy

As motorhome owners Marcus and Agata can now confirm that it is not all carefree travelling to holiday destinations.

There is maintenance!

Winter Maintenance
During the winter it very unlikely that you will be using your Motorhome.  Why?  Because unless it is full winterised you just can't use it.

Full winterisation normally includes

- Winter tyres
- Selection of appropriate winter options when ordering the motorhome.
- At the minimum the insulation of water pipes so that they don't freeze
- Can include electrically heated pipeworks
- Insulation of the water tanks
- A larger central heating system

The Ideal Position
In the ideal world

- Your motorhome will have all the winterisation options
- You will use your motorhome during winter, say to the ski resorts
- At other times will store your motorhome inside during cold weather
- You will have a mains i.e. 240V (in Europe) electrical hookup

The Actual Position
- We specified the Dethleffs winterisation options.  Our Globus is not a dual (insulated) floor model.  So we cannot have Electrically heated pipes.  We have
- Insulated Pipes
- A larger Truma Air Heating system with Gas or Mains Electric power
- We don't have any chance for winter inside storage or electric hookup

Visit Often
The vast majority of motorhome owners are in a similar position to us.  The received wisdom is to visit the motorhome often, start the engine,  put the heater on max, and try to not to add to the moisture in the motorhome before you lock it back up.

Additional tips

- Drain all water tanks (input and output)
- Leave Diesel tank full
- Remove toilet cassette
- Remove all perishable foods or items that can ruin with moisture
- Make sure the winter water safety draining valve is open 

Hot Switzerland

With the current January 2016 heat wave, and in a week where ALL the snow in our Swiss canton of Vaud has melted (ski resorts excepted) we took the opportunity to take our motorhome Stuart on a day out.   We thought he'd appreciate a battery recharge and movement of his mechanical systems 

Visiting Croy
We continue to look for a modest Swiss property, today we venture to the site of a new housing development in Croy, in canton Vaud Switzerland.

Marcus's Smartphone camera is having quality problems, a failure of the focusing, with his Android 6.0.1 beta  (Agata mumbled something about her evil iPhone, I remind her, when the bugs are fixed, my almost 3 year old phone's camera will still be better than her fancy phone)

 Croy,  Basically in the middle of nowhere!

 A large old peoples home with lots of activity and smiling old people.   Ironically we found later it is situated next to a grave-yard.

 Town was quite tiny and we tried saying Bonjour to the locals, who for the most part did not reply.  Hmm.  Unusual.

 Some wood cutting next to the proposed development ...

We find it

A tank full of poo :-) to spray on neighbouring fields

Yes, so they did not start building yet.  Also there is NO sign here either.  All one can see is a lot of mud, some cows, and the fact that your house will be sitting amongst farms with 'a country smell' :-)

 Croy has a railway station.  This is actually a big plus.  Meaning you can get from your home to the airport and leave your car at home.  Or commute to work and friends without using your car. Yes, you will need a car because there are NO shops of any description in this town.  No amenities apart from the railway station and the hotel de gare.


With Croy being a disappointment we walked  over to the nearby town of Romainmotier.  

Adjacent town did contain some shops including a Post Office.  And a monastery, though no monks were observed at all

We are really in the countryside!

The mission to exercise Stuart succeeded handsomely.   The evaluation of Croy as a possible new home was negative.