Monday, January 11, 2016

Just another night

Mick Jagger: Just another night

Subtitle: It's mostly about the music

Sunday seemed like a pretty lazy day.  In Lausanne Switzerland here it's been raining pretty solidly for about 4 days now.  So it was time to stay in and ....

This is a representation of the initial plan.  However, as ever it was not to be

Yearly Filing Continues
Unlike the UK tax year  (which finished on April 5th) we close our books on Dec 31st and after that all our digital filing has to move on a year.   So we have to make sure all the scans are made, and all the directories are digitally archived, so that we can start all over again for 2016.

We are still at it!

This is also somewhat related to the continued testing of our newer NAS to replace the 2012 NAS, which surely by now is basically obsolete ...
But we still have 'app store' issues.   Another work in progress.

Agata gets a new Hobby

Let me just say that Agata has a new and very time consuming passion, well not only Minions, but Jigsaws so the above is a perfect blend :-)

Bluetooth Failures
Although my Windows 2016 TP4 testing progresses well, after over 2 hours of buggering around with the Bluetooth support (new of course for the Server Platform in 2016), I conceded round#1 defeat.  In my defence I tried 4 Bluetooth adapters (Class1, Class 2) and other tweaks.  It just doesn't work :-( yet.

More Groove Music Testing
I'm still testing Microsoft's groove music paid subscription.  So far, on anything but it's intended platform i.e. Windows 10 Mobile (W10M) it performs quite well.   However, on W10M whilst not really slow, and never crashing (unlike other apps!) it lacks the polish of Spotify.  Article to follow when tested.

And more Music
I'd mentioned last week that the BBC allows you to listen and download music from the last 30 days.  So imagine my horror when I found that the Essential Mix, BBC's premiere dance show did NOT allow me to download the special programs they broadcast on Dec 26th or Jan 1st 

In particular the artists

01 Ben Klock
02 Tale of US
03 Maceo Plex
04 DJ EZ
05 Nero

Now I normally have a way to parse the raw data of the BBC iPlayer feeds and extract a valid download URL from them.  However the BBC is not making these available, so you can only listen to them for 14 days after which they are gone.

Answer#1: Use Mixcloud instead and the above links relate to that.

Answer#2: Find a way to capture the recordings.  In the old days it was a cassette recorder with a microphone in front of the radio.   Surely there is a better digital way :-)

Well it is already past 2 am Monday morning, so Sunday night got busier than I expected.  As usual.

On the plus side (don't tut) I discovered Ben Klock, but was not totally impressed, and remembered that Soundcloud and Mixcloud really are the places to go  (not Groove or Spotify) to hunt down Dance Music artists.

Nero: The Thrill

Sad Addendum

Later this morning I, like the rest of the world's population received the saddest of news of the death of David Bowie, from cancer at 69.

Another childhood idol leaves me so I present a short considered selection for me to remember him by:

David Bowie: Life on Mars

David Bowie & Gilmour: Comfortably Numb

David Bowie & Annie Lennox: Under Pressure

Ricky Gervais talks Bowie

Humourous David Bowie Interview 2013

Ricky Gervais - Golden Years