Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hell is Other People

Sigma: Nobody [left] to Love M&N

Yes, this last weekend Marcus and Agata have been continuing to re-file and encrypt all our sensitive documentation. We spent another 4 hours each on Saturday. We are still not finished.

You might ask, so what is your password strategy then?

The Radio 4 password Hash

As new converts to the disturbing series Mr Robot,  Marcus, unashamed, lifelong Engineer & Computer person is likewise happy to discuss my innermost thoughts & thus password strategy online.  Just in case any hackers are reading and need some cracker tips.

- Tune into Radio 4
- Start listening
- At random choose a word, or two
- Go for a coffee (provides random time interval) 
- Repeat multiple word choice
- Now you have about 4 or more words
- Compose a password using these words
- Add some random capitalisation
- Add some random numbers for letters (e.g. replace i with 1)
- From a palette of all the non alpha characters including space, !@#$%^&*()_+-={}[]:";'<>?,./  throw multiple occurences into the password in random places
- Now that is the password

- Oh, and never write the password down
- And, never use the same password twice
- And always use 2 step authentication
- And always select replace password with frequency option if available
- And be mindful where your authentication generators are stored
- Oh and if you do have to encrypt something, always triple encrypt it, and I just love 512bit hashes.

Meanwhile Agata
Agata is using a /well known/ https based and companion local and secure application to store her passwords and also ones that the app generates for her.  The later are complete gobbledygook  but nothing that a copy paste can't enter into an application.


In summary 
I'll never forgive terrorists for killing innocent people and for perpetually disrupting the lives of honest law abiding people every day.

And right behind them, the wankers, the criminals that force me to continuously downward adjust my carefree and trusting lifestyle to protect myself from those who would wish to steal my data.

Screw you.