Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting Out More

Really, I cannot express our emotions as well as the lead singer of Supertramp shown above.  But regardless, I do hope that you will read on.

The Routine
Marcus and Agata still lead quite busy lives but we often look inward and our interactions with the wider world seem few. Many people are likewise here.  It could be being timid, sticking to what you know to avoid disappointment or criticism, or just getting stuck into a rut.

We ventured outside

I could easily use the excuse that we sauntered  upto St George at just over 1000 metres altitude ony because we just wanted to check that the Swiss winter, really is over!  

You can see the Nordic ski paths and the signs say that beyond certain points you can only ski.  So our run will need to take account of that.

The usual beautiful Swiss mountain views.  And no other people!  

We met up with Kathy and Dominik who is now just 3 months old

 Marcus inspects this new concept.  A baby.

 Agata runs really fast

Marcus starts doing laps.   This is absolutely fantastic exercise.

During the Course of this Lunchtime

- Marcus indeed confirmed, the snow is melting fast

- We had a nice run

- We met up with other people :-!

- Marcus had a nice chat with an Oil consultant, and we talked about Oil price futures.  I was so excited!

- There was great exercise

- We stopped off for a lunch and chat.

You Know it
Now of course we all know it: Staying at home is all very comforting, but if you never venture out to taste new experiences and meet new people:  Well, then your lives become rather mundane and boring.

Our Conclusions
Whilst we are both quite timid,  Marcus is elated that we actually got out of the house, did something different, and actually conversed and interacted with some <other> people.