Friday, January 22, 2016

Disappointing Dyson

Subtitle: Incompatibility Bites Hard

I had thought it was primarily Apple that Engineered Generational obsolescence into its product range.   But now I have a new focus for our Angst.

Yes it is the company Dyson.

For many years Marcus and Agata have been big fans and supporters of Sir James Dyson

To us it is a fairytale Engineering story, and as Engineers we were keen to support him, although with a supposed net worth of over 1 Billion he perhaps does not need our financial assistance

And the DC35 Breaks Down

We have loved our DC35 hand held vacuum.  It is used as both a handheld and with the tube and motorised head, a household vacuum.  That's its genius dual purpose, and powerful with it.

Recently however it went /dead as a dodo/ so like good Engineers it was time to disassemble.  This was awkward: push fit, never designed to be removed parts, crammed circuit boards. Hmm.

Despite our best attempts,  it's still broken.  All the trivial microswitches and contacts and voltages check out okay. Still deaded.

The Plan
Since a new Dyson battery floor vacuum is expensive  (over 500 CHF list, 500 USD, 300 GBP) for the V6 Absolute or better models, we thought we could buy just the equivalent handheld and connect it to the other bits, that still worked.

But NO!   We've been to many shops today and find the following disgraceful facts

- The connecting electrical connecting plugs are different from the DC35 to newer models
- They are almost  identical but they've added some plastic ridges so the DC35 tube and motorised head does not fit
- We checked the motorised brush voltage and it's the same at 16.2V so presume this is done on purpose for incompatibility

- Then we tried to interchange the 5 above different models in the showroom.  We got the salesman to help too.  Yes they are ALL incompatible with each other!  Each model has a slightly different design so the parts cannot be interchanged.   (That is even between the newer 350W generation models)

- Then we looked at the batteries.  The older models (like our DC35) have a click removable battery, so you can have one or more spares on charge whilst the other is being used
- Now it's a fixed battery design, with a screw to remove.  Worse the angles of the handle mean that the batteries are not interchangeable, even between batteries of the same voltage
- Oh yes, they fractionally changed the voltage between new and older designs.

Conclusion: These are incompatibilities purposefully designed into the product.  It means you cannot precisely take a handheld and use the now redundant parts from a previous unit.  Unbelievable. 

And the Hot and Cool AM05

I'd also like to mention the AM05 which was the subject of a product recall.  The AM05 is the most preposterously expensive fan heater.  It costs several hundred pounds but does the job of a 20 GBP fan heater you could buy in any Electrical shop.  As loyal Dysonees we bought one, but we got a letter saying it had a mandatory product recall for safety.

We complied and immediately sent off the product. BUT.

Any product can have a defect, but Dyson CH monstrously mishandled the recall taking months, and yes, I'm not exaggerating.  I mean months, for them  send it for repair (outside of Switzerland), and return it.   After return the safety cutout no longer functions, we didn't follow that up, since presumably this was either part of the fix, or an opportunity to lose our heater for 2 more months.

Un flippin believable.

What to do?
The issue is; that we still think the operation of the vacuum product is superior to other battery vacuums, so the choice is

a) moan about it here &

b1) buy a between expensive and super expensive product that works brilliantly  

b2) choose a perhaps slightly less good operationally, but more consistently Engineered product from a different vendor.

What a choice.

One thing is for sure,  I can now only conditionally recommend Dyson in the future.   

Brilliant BUT is now the synopsis.

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