Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Clean Clean

Buggles: Clean Clean

Whilst I have already proposed that our Swiss winter will only last but three days this season  (ah, optimism),  I can think of one advantage of these sub zero temperatures.

Fridge & Freezer Cleaning Time!

Indeed Marcus and Agata have been waiting for the temperature to dip below 0 degrees for some time now for this exact reason.  And so this Monday:

Step1 is to empty the fridge and freezer that we had already run down to minimum contents in anticipation.   What is left is placed onto a freezing balcony

02: Take out the large components and clean them in the bath

03 Start the defrost and also take out all the shelves and put them into the dishwasher at max temp

Now our Freezer is not the automatic defrosting kind.  Why?  Because this is energy inefficient.  See:  How frost free works   . But we're mindful of closing the freezer door quickly to avoid moisture entry, so the build up was minimal.

Additionally although there is a self draining mechanism in the fridge part occasionally small ice does build up in one place  (we keep fridge extremely cold).

Anyway, the rationale for cleaning is not mainly for Ice remove.  It is for Hygiene.    Over time it gets just a little dirty, even with regular cleaning of all the trays.   The best way is to clean the whole machine when it's completely empty.

Who taught us?
I did pose the question on Facebook and in other arenas.  Who or what taught you to clean your fridge?

- Friends,  Family or Parents  (nicely)
- The Internet
- OCD Hygiene
- Parental shouting and reprimand
- Something else

So, to the reader, what is your principal reason?

Our Fridge and Freezer are now spotless again. Before they were only  /almost/ spotless.

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