Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Chronic Pain

Subtitle: My Name is Marcus and I'm a chronic Pain sufferer

As you get older, or for a variety or reasons, normally including accidents; be they your fault, or the carelessness of others, you can involuntarily join the

Chronic Pain Club

By this that I mean, in a resting state, not exercising, not moving, your body sends you continuous pain signals.

And that, over time, no matter what you do, the pain remains

The Unfairness Principle
It is along the lines of /Why do Bad things happen to Good People/.

Many of us try to eat healthily, reducing intake of crap, perform regular exercise, and sit with the correct posture.  Then one day you might remember something painful happening.

Apart from exercise related injuries, themselves seeming unfair, Marcus remembers two life changing events:

- Paralysis of part of the left hand
- Lower back and sciatic leg pain

As a result I report that I had a period of 2 years for my hand to refunction and the second condition is ongoing after more than 1 year.

The flowchart
Most people know and agree with the following, but I think it's helpful to state it for the record what you do.  In my case I relate it to nerve/ spine related pains.

Start with Education
With just an Internet connection and Science based medical searches you can understand

- How your body is supposed to work
- What the likely causes of your Chronic Pain can be
- What medical treatments or practices (if any) can alleviate, or correct your position.
- To make sure you are not biased take your research and show it to at least 2 trusted friends separately.  Get their feedback.

Doctor is Second
Once you have done your own "peer reviewed" research you should consult the Medical professionals.  Let's hear what their diagnosis and prognosis' are.   How are they going to remedy your problem?

01 Medicine
Medicine like muscle relaxants or antibiotics can in some circumstances fix things.  What I mean is more that they allow the body to un-trap the nerve, or re-align joints that might have been seized or misplaced.

It's also obvious that you make a lifestyle review to assure you that no recent posture changes are responsible: Maybe you bought a new bed, or you drive a new car? Etcetera.

02 Physiotherapy
Sometimes by regular stretching in a particular way, combined with various forms of electro stimulation your bodies physical ailments for example trapped nerves, or nerve pain can be cured.

03 The Appeal to Desperation:

03A Mumbo Jumbo Practitioners
In Switzerland we have a class whereby you can call a number and remotely they can (without prayer incidentally) fix you.  I've no idea how this is supposed to work.

04B Magic Trinkets and Quick Fixes
Magnetic Bracelets
Copper Bracelets

If you are going to expend  (or I would say fritter) your money in this direction then do it in isolation.  For the period of consultation don't change anything else in your lifestyle, from your sitting position, to your diet, to your sleeping hours, nothing.  Then see if any of the above single treatments produce a change.

05 Massage

A good massage is a way to relax the body and often put a block on the nerves that cause the Chronic Pain.  I learnt the techniques myself and now can administer this to friends with similar pain.  It involves massage with the emphasis of applying pressure in certain specific places around the back and neck.

A second type of massage can really be useful if with sufficient prodding trapped nerves can indeed be released.  This can in fact lead to a full recovery.  But for this you need to research a massage therapist with this speciality.  And emphasise you don't want the first 'blocking' treatment.

06 Imaginary Friends
The religious Angle.  As an ardent student of religion I am sent over 100 religious articles daily which I undertake to read. Over 10 of them will be healing related.  In a very time consuming exercise I followed up on religious cancer recoveries for over 1 month. Over countless hours of research and email and forum posts (and replies) I did not find one convincingly documented case of success.

From the numerous religious family and friends there were offers to Intercessory pray.  However when I checked up on how their 'praying for me' was going it was in all cases a one way prayer . (See my prayer article).  Mysterious Ways was then cited for my continued suffering, my responses would be of the form  here  and here

07 Surgery
When dealing with spinal issues or collapsed discs, surgery can be an option, though one that can have higher risks.  I think if you have diagnosis of  a 'degenerative problem' with a surgical solution then you need to take this option sooner rather than later.  An example: Collapsed Arch Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction . 

Marcus' Summary Position
- After some years of pain, things are looking up
- Recently I had a week without significant Spinal pain

The key factors have been a combination of

- Good diet, daily exercise, reduction of eating crap
- Compex muscle stimulation
- Better sleeping position, mattress, and more hours of sleeping
- Mind. Meaning determination and willing yourself better  (the anti placebo)
- Being 100% convinced it's my own actions, and that of medical professionals,  and not that of any Imaginary Friends who will make the difference.