Friday, January 08, 2016

Anker 6 port charger

Subtitle: The house of many USB ports

Thanks to further digitalisation the number of USB powered devices in our house grows and grows.

In April 2014 I did a survey and came up with Anker as a well regarded brand for chargers. And so today we now have a new Anker 6 port charger.

It is slightly bigger than the 5 port charger that Agata now has received as a handme down!  This will correct her already risque practice of charging devices via the Mac Mini.  Risky because the Apple's petite internal power supply is already quite stressed and hot,  I never want to open up that Mini again to replace something, including the power supply.

As usual this charger says something about our decision making process.

- It is quite minimalist
- We chose carefully and economically, it does not cost a fortune  (25 GBP incl postage)
- It's unavailable in CH, so rather than buy something inferior (and more expensive) locally we chose to order from Hong Kong and wait the 4+ weeks for delivery.  Patience required!
- Just a small reminder, we love Hong Kong.  Always select Worldwide when searching for items on eBay !
- It works well and charges many devices at over 1 Amp, which to us is a lot!
- Now like good citizens we will recycle and redundant power adapters, but it is not than many because our last 4 trackers/ sportwatches only came with a USB cable (no adapter!)

Anker 6 port from HK