Saturday, January 09, 2016

An Equal Opportunity Life

OMbra, The Ultimate Sports Bra

Marcus is currently wading thru the CES  (Consumer Electronics Show) coverage now that the 2016 show has finally ended.

And it very much brought to mind the culture and society that I now live in. Many people in the West are blissfully ignorant of many of the freedoms and rights that we take for granted.

Recently, due to the actions of Religious extremism, almost always the result of the actions of people claiming to support /the religion of peace/; some of those freedoms are under threat.

As Janet Jackson sung: You don't know what you've got till it's gone

I want to live in a society, where amongst other things:

- Where the enshrined law of the land treats men and women equally
- To have the pleasure and variety of men and women at work in all professions and jobs
- Where women (or men) can choose what and how much they want to wear
- Where women (and men) can promote, practise and take part in sports without restriction

Stated simply,  a country where I can play the above video and have it watched by men and women who feel this is a positive product, not something illegal or shameful as measured by the standards of an ancient time where slaves were commonplace and the status of women was barely one notch higher.

Janet Jackson: Got till it's gone

I passionately and deliberately want to live in a world of equals.

A culture that supports, promotes and legally enshrines the equality between the sexes & races  is simply better.


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