Tuesday, January 05, 2016

A Good Nights Sleep

Many moons ago,  when Marcus and Agata were ever so much younger, we bought what we thought was an ultra cool bed.

As shown above it's a single arch of metal holding a metal frame.  And at the time we stretched our budget and bought a specially firm and expensive latex mattress.

Today it has become our backup bed, mainly because there is one very serious problem:

After anything over 5 days of sleeping on this firm, almost steel like upper surface, our backs are so sore that we need to stop or seek medical attention.

IKEA comes to our rescue

If you have been reading recently you will know that we ventured to IKEA to buy our death star lamp shades.  They are still spectacular!

But we also researched and bought an IKEA Tussoy mattress topper.  Here are the detail specifications:

At about 13Kg and in a compressed roll it fits easily into a hatchback and once laid on the bed it does not slip since the under surface is sort of ruffled to prevent movement

And: How is it?
Bloody marvelous.  Over the last few days it has made sleeping a pleasure.   Our rock hard bed setup is now covered with a deliciously supple 8cm layer of memory foam mattress.  It is nothing less than a total transformation.

The memory foam is encased in a zip lined cover which you can remove and wash (in a large washing machine)

To conclude:

- IKEA has many brilliant products
- You need to pick and choose, but this tussoy mattress is superb
- For a relatively small cost it's made our existing occasional bed more than usable, in fact almost upto the standards of our main Tempur matress
- Read our old complimentary article about memory foam

Wait, I feel a musical representation coming together ...

Faithless: Insomnia 2.0

The Cure: Let's go to Bed :-)