Sunday, January 17, 2016

3 days of Winter in Switzerland

As I write this, so far I can count only 3 days of 'Snowy conditions' in Lausanne Switzerland this Winter.

And mild snow at that!

And, consulting the weather forecast, Marcus is rather hoping that this will in fact be close to the end of winter for this year!

This may sound moderately Grinch like, with a layer of Dickensian  humbug thrown in, but ....

- In the last 10 years our enthusiasm and participation in the traditional winter snowboarding has dwindled.  First Snowboarding was a challenge, and the thought of ski slopes less than 60 minutes away, door to door might sound appealing.

But once you've mastered snowboarding, and then snow-running we began to get really picky: What,  60 minutes to the slopes!  Outrageous!   And the cost of a Lift pass, parking and petrol daily for us would be > 100GBP.  And in recent years, well the snow in non Glacier resorts is quite average.


Our Winter favourite is now to run in our local Chalet a Gobet forest which has numerous marked trails.  Or hiking thru the forests in Epalinges, which are less than 15 minutes away.

And so for the last 3 days, we have made full use to run and hike therein.

Others too have had the same idea.  It is most annoying :-)

 Nice and deserted trails where we ran.  We like!

At long last, something useful is happening at our local Epalinges church :-)

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