Monday, December 14, 2015

Walking by the lake with Windows 10 Mobile

Inception: Opening Scene

It will soon be a month where Marcus has been intensively testing a

Microsoft 640 XL Windows 10 Mobile Smartphone

Despite mocking looks, taunts, and the more than occaisional wish to "throw the phone out the bloody window" I have persevered.

I will try to write up the review by Christmas, however this is just a note to say that testing of any of these devices involves diving into a more or less proprietory eco-system.

The three principle Smartphone ecosystems are of course Apple, Android and Microsoft.  With Amazon and Blackberry now trailing so far in the distance you would need binoculars.

In order to conduct a fair trial you have to go with the flow. So the Microsoft ecosystem has precious little to none Google Application support, so for example, you must use Microsoft Edge as your browser.  Google Chrome is just not an option.

Occasionally I had need to use Agata's iPhone or an Android platform and sight and feel and touch of another ecosystem has really rather shaken the belief in the 'presumed Microsoft' reality that I had tried so hard to implant.

The closest I can relate it to, is that of an artificial reality or dream that the 2010 film Inception instilled into me.

Walking By the Lake
There is no doubt to me that the main feature I will miss when my immersive testing shortly completes; is the camera.  And whilst the 640 XL 'only' has a 13 MP camera with a 1/3 inch sensor, the standard Microsoft Camera application makes the best use of it.

Not bad eh!  And I of course relate to all of: the wonderful views down by our Lake Lausanne, Marcus' tremendous photography skills, and lastly the Microsoft 640XL.

Inception: Ending   
(Don't watch this if you plan to watch the film for the first time!)

So finally, if you do nothing else, watch the Movie Inception, for the first time, or again, because reality is ..

By the Lake photos highres