Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Unhappy Christmas

Preparations for Agata and Marcus Christmas were proceeding quite nicely.  Until the events of Monday night.  As usual the perpetrators of crime against us had no interest in our well-being or the substantial trauma it is causing us to try and recover from.

I'll talk more about the detail of the crime and the consequent  security measures another time, this post concerns the sadly shifting temperament we feel in Lausanne Switzerland today.

And Elsewhere

Over the last few months we have been a personal witness to an increase in the mindless acts of vandalism in our Canton (county) of Vaud.

This includes but is not restricted to car crime.   It can be destruction of property as shown above.

Our society is just made the poorer in literal and sociological terms by such actions.

Loss of Innocence

When you begin to feel unsafe, or certainly less safe in your home town the first casualty is innocence.

I am not advocating a vicarious, responsibility free lifestyle of course.  But if you want to swim in the lake, or exercise outside, or drive to a Friend in town, then you don't wish to feel the necessity to be /constantly looking over your shoulder/  or tailoring and constraining your modest lifestyle to guard against potential villainy.

If you constantly have to be ultra cautious about who might be watching you and when;  your whole lifestyle is changed, and for the worse.

An interim message
To me these are the actions of the parasite.  These actions have no benefit to our society and town.    

As a person raised in the countryside I am aware of this biology.   I have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour.