Thursday, December 17, 2015

To England and Back

As winter and Christmas draws in it seems entirely fitting for Marcus to get sentimental about our 2015 expedition to England.

It was a first test of taking Stuart  (our little Motorhome) to a country which drives on the left, and it was also ages, about a year in fact since we had been to England.

To England

 Of course we paid at the French night stopover.

Emergency pitstop at our most favourite sports store to pickup some missing sports items. Doh!

 Queue for the Dunkirk ferry to England

 Signs in Polish and English.  We smiled.

 We fell for the DFDS menu.

A night and then a morning run in Dover

Some Dear Friends

To our many friends whom we see far too infrequently these days.   Please come and visit us in Switzerland.  Our home is your home.

To Switzerland

 We did not pickup any /accidental/ people cargo at Calais

 We dumped all our fresh and spent water before home

 We drove thousands of KM, but that's what we bought Stuart for.  He is a working home from home.

We had some things to do when we got home. Washing!