Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thursday Sermon: Religion and Morality

(jump to 17mins and 10 seconds please)

Colin McGinn: Morality and connection with Religion

Subtitle: A Public Apology

Tonight I was involved in a long conversation with a friend that pretty much turned into an argument. Apart from an apology about 'jumping down their throat' and cutting them off I did offer the following apologetic response.

So,  if you study religion and philosophy daily and get asked a 'well trodden' question it is easy to run off the rails with an all to strong overbearing response.

When you talk to a friend, you sometimes want to shortcut their response  (that you heard so many times before from others) and give them 'your discovered truth' and also not let them put forward what you believe is an embarrassingly wrong argument,

This never goes down well!

So apart from a sincere apology I restart here my argument between Religion and Morality.

It answers the question that many strongly religious people have:

Their question is:  If you are not religious, then where do you derive your morality from?

That less polite version is also expressed:

- If you are not religious you must worship Satan
- If you are not religious then you clearly have no morality

So ideally you would watch the entire 30 minute YouTube segment, and for the purposes of this discussion (about Morality) absorb only the philosophical content, and discard any religious opinion or sentiment.

But some of you are too busy so:

07:40 Colin (the Philosopher on the left) talks about keeping ethics and morality instructions from the Bible

17:15 Connection between morality and God.