Friday, December 25, 2015

The Christmas Number One

Thanks to the BBC and iPlayer I was pleased to listen to the UK official single music countdown with Greg James.  On Christmas Day no less. You may know that you can 'listen again' for upto 30 days, worldwide.  So why not listen to the chart show, right now:

BBC Radio 1 official Chart for Christmas 2015

(The chart showed moved to Friday recently from it seems an eternal prior stint on Sunday.  Keep up now).

But the Album chart is not so rosy ...

A Spotify Aside & Plug
Both Agata and Marcus are quite passionate about Music. Marcus would admit to listening to at least 3 hours of music per day, and lately this is thanks to Spotify

I raved about Spotify here recently

Thanks to Spotify and our existing (now Digital) personal music collections we can listen to practically every song from Artists that we know and love.

Back to the Album Chart
So it is with a heavy heart that I see the the Christmas Season 2015 has yet again sprouted a deluge of compilation albums of back catalog music, and, yes, even worse, rehashes of the deceased musicians.

I scanned my defacto BBC chart selection and found these Albums in the BBC charts over the last weeks:

For the deceased I point the finger of shame for music recycling firmly at the record companies and for living musicians trying to coin an extra penny for Christmas.... tut tut.   

It is possible to crank out a new album even at the advanced age of 70, and I would point you to the wonderful Rod Stewart as living testament to same

(Brit awards 2015)