Monday, December 07, 2015

Swisscom SmartLife monitoring

Like most couples with busy lives, Marcus and Agata are not always at our home in Switzerland.

And so we have thought about enhancing our home security system and this leads us to consider Swisscom Smartlife

We were first introduced to this in September 2015 at the Comptoir Suisse exhibition

The basics are a central Internet connected Security system that talks to a variety of sensors using Zwave Plus technology

 Lots of sensors are available, This is the main products page  (in French) and you can see there are a variety of sensor including water leak, smoke detector, static and moving cameras, motion detectors and door opening detectors etc.

It's pretty comprehensive.

  1. Select the level of starter kit
  2. Select optional sensors
  3. Select self or Intervention monitoring  (you have to select one, the self monitoring is 10 CHF monthly)

We are still thinking about it.  We already have a number of security products at home that perform many of these functions, but Swisscom has wrapped it up into a nice attractive and not overly costly package.

To be continued!

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