Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Slowdown

The Cure: Lullaby

At this time of year Marcus and Agata realise that we enter the Christmas slowdown mode.

It's normally a time of slowing down at work, for in December it is usually not the time to go live with any IT (Information Technology) project.

Whilst Retail is in a frenzy trying to manage the expectations of a feverish buying public thinking that the buying of gifts can really substitute for true meaning,  many of us are

- getting ready for the Holidays
- looking forward to a Slowdown
- A time for the meeting of friends and family

And so Marcus and Agata were in the mood this Sunday with a reflective walk in the countryside available just outside our door.


First and foremost we reflected upon the fact that we don't live in a town. We are certainly close, but the lack of shop, and facilities confirms that we are really country bumkins.

It is the merest of chance that we don't happen to be living in the town Centre of Lausanne.

When we came to Switzerland, with resources a plenty the Swiss Law did not allow EC citizens to freezly rent property.  And so a fantastic Swiss couple rented us part of their house after responding to Marcus's terribly badly worded French 'seeking accomodation' advertisment.    "We just had to meet you" they said!

 And so this is how we come to be residents in the Epalinges area of North Lausanne

Where even some of the cars seem to beckon from a simpler age

There is lots of machinery 

 And we recently found a Baguette machine

 And a lot of wood!

 Fountains everywhere, which are excellent for runners!

 The odd passive agressive sticker & Welcome sign!

 And really a lot of forests

Combined with the view

All in all, we are so glad that we did not end up in the big City.  Our Sunday afternoon rambles and chats would just never be the same.