Thursday, December 10, 2015

Reinstalling Windows 10 Mobile W10M

 My new and relatively shiny Microsoft 640 XL Smartphone has been running like a dog ever since it was purchased about a month ago.

In the techie circles in which Agata and Marcus smooze; there has been some talk that a complete re-installation might sort things out.

But wouldn't this take bloody ages?  I asked innocently.

Yes, but in the interests of completeness and testing: here I go.

Always Make a Backup!

Rather like Android, but unlike some other manufacturers,  Google is not going for a lawsuit,  in Windows Mobile 10  (W10M)  you can backup your individuals settings and programs installed.  So that when you have re-installed, you can restore this data and programs. 

Actually as you will see it just records a list of programs, not the code itself.

For reasons of total paranoia, like all good IT people I also made a screenshot backup list of what I had installed.

Are you sitting comfortably children?  Good, now let us begin ...

In Pictures

And now all is going to be erased

Now the next part literally took over 30 minutes.  I went for a nap.

Okay I caught the reboot and so now I need to answer the questions.  Obviously just never take the defaults but check the options.

 Due to the dismal events of this week, I am back to extra paranoid levels of security

Now some of my last changes

Programs install to main memory just in case it is faster and all data is to be stored on the D: drive which is the fastest micro SD card I could find   (80MB/sec write speed)

Yes, we are back to level 10586.29

Wait we are not done yet

Yes, it caught me out.   After the reinstall completes W10M needs to connect to the Internet and download the applications and also updates.  It seemed to do it all twice, i.e. first say a base level app, then over 40 updates.

So literally a few hours later the phone is re-installed.

Of course,  all app logon and password credentials for example for dropbox or gmail or outlook need to be re-entered.  Again this is similar to Android or iOS.

And Finally then How about 
BBC iPlayer Radio?

Marcus tests BBC iPlayer Radio

Hmm.  Still a dog. I mean an absolute dog.