Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mont Blanc Massif

Failed climb up Mont Blanc massif

Just documenting our failed September 2015 attempt to hike up a mountain on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif.

We had a paper map, and not much time.  We started from the newly built bubble car station car park on the Italian side.  Eventually after passing the old and now deserted lift we found a sign that looked plausible

 Stop taking photographs and get a move on!   

We were on a rather tight timescale if we were to get the last bubble lift from the mid station.   That lift goes to a high point on the Mont Blanc massif, where you can get out and look upward to the peak of Mont Blanc itself.

It's really impossible to convey how steep it is here.  And with it,  2 sort of suicidal workman: A man in a crane being used as an anchor to a digger.

However much they were being paid it was not enough.

 Agata is in no paparazzi mode again.

 We are so close to the mid station, but it transpires too late.  The last bubble car to the highest vantage point to the Mont Blanc mountain, just left.

We are gutted!

The only thing we can do is mooch around and take a few photos

 We looked around the immaculate and newly constructed and opened Mid Station.  There is even a fancy wine shop and elaborate conference facilities with capacity for hundreds of delegates.

After that, nothing for it but time to run, back down the mountain.

So, we plan to come back to the area in 2016, when of course we will be fitter and faster.  Next time we'll make that lift, no problem.