Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Mini Tiny Bluetooth Stereo In-Ear Earphone Headset

It is not often that I rave about something so inexpensive but useful.  But I've found this fantastic Bluetooth headset and you simply must read on.


In June 2015 I reviewed what I would call gen1 of the tiny Bluetooth headset brigade.  Whilst functionally okay, it was bloody uncomfortable.

Now there is something that actually works .... 

In operation


Charge it up using the annoying cable supplied.  On the plus side though there is no jagged micro USB female connector to rub inside your ear.  So I suppose there was actually no choice.

Some pictures to show the exact design

The Brilliance

- In the right ear the curve locks underneath an ear skin fold and refuses to come out

- The whole earpiece sits inside the ear.  So if you wear any sort of helmet, or even a tight headscarf that presses inward; this wont cause you a pain after repeated wearing

- Though I would prefer a paired dual set, having one ear open to the environment means you can pootle along outside and hold a conversation at the same time or be more aware of the elements, good for safety

- It is so so tiny that people can't tell you are wearing it, certainly if you had long hair you would completely cover it.

Right Ear Stupid

It does not take Einstein to point out that this earbud is ideally shaped to fit into your right ear.  But no amount of messaging ebay sellers of it could convince them that there is or that they could sell me a left ear version.

 Yes, falling out

Fits perfectly in right ear only

Now I did search high and low and 1 seller actually had a left ear shaped part in one of their photos, but I suspect that they just mirror imaged the photo!

In a nutshell I have it working and fitting in both ears.  But it does not sit well in the left ear at all.


It is just fantastic.  I got this on eBay from seller ideal.auto for about 9 GBP including postage from China.

Highly recommended.