Sunday, December 27, 2015

Let there be New Light

IKEA PS Pendant Lamp

In part to honour the wonderful cinematic experience Marcus and Agata recently witnessed  there has been a moderate upgrade to some lights in our family

First, as Engineers, we would like to state that Energy Conservation, mindfulness and economy are always on our minds.  However we have just replaced lights that have been with our family for over 10 years.  

Bought from Habitat in London!

And, in the case of the Study lamp shown here

there is strong evidence that the creation of the lamp predates Agata (so at least 21 years old I am told :-)

With lamp replacement on our minds our next stop was IKEA and in the sales we picked up some specially priced /bargains/ that we think will suit family tastes.

Lamp Assembly

The main lamps bought were the PS Pendant, and we have a polite warning to couples attempting assembly.   It is all of long winded, detailed, and involves much above head height lamp holding.  

At some point during assembly raised voices to each other might suggest a partners incompetence or slowness.  At these times stop for a cup of tea and reflect upon the fact that the end result will be worthwhile

Two lamps and an emergency toolkit

A lot of parts!

 Getting There

Marcus is a little scared holding the death Star

Round two. 

And Finally

All is done.  Marcus and Agata now each have their very own Death Star light.  Equality and Smiles as always.

IKEA PS Pendant Light