Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Lausanne Motors

Marcus will confess that as an ex Car nut, and professional Engineer of old, car and bikes and bicycles still are very important to me.

Combine this with a will to test to exhaustion a rather new yet modest Microsoft Lumix 640 XL smartphone camera, led me on a mission to walk around our home town of Lausanne.

Looking for cars and motorbikes :-)

I did it with the 640 XL and the Sony QX10.  Admittedly the conditions on some of the days were awful ... fog, and sleeting snow.  But hey,  I have dedication right!


NB: Look at the photos inline in the blog.  Or click on any blog photo to bring up the viewer, or goto Picasa to watch in full resolution and even download.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL


December 1 morning update on 640 XL

Sony QX10


(NB:terrible weather, which meant poor old QX10 had difficulty focusing)

The Original photos are to be found using the Picasa Links above

So tell me, which camera is doing the best job then?  Sony Exmor QX10 or Mircrosoft Lumia 640 XL?