Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lausanne Midnight Run 2015

Lausanne Christmas Run!

A little old report of the 7.5Km Lausanne Christmas Midnight run 2015 that Agata and Marcus just completed

A Takeover

On Saturday afternoon we walked into Central Lausanne past the Race start which is at Place Riponne. It seems that the "market sellers" who sells heaps of old worldly bits and bobs, had taken over the tents that we'll use to keep warm in this evening. I hope they are gone by this Saturday evening race start

We ran to the Start!
To give the other competitors a chance we thought we would run down from our home in North Lausanne and tire ourselves out a little.

As you can see we arrived hot and sticky but still smiling.

If you enlarge and look at the Datasport clock you will see we arrived to the starting corral 3 minutes and 20 seconds before race start. Start time 23.00 . Phew.

I mean we are really at the very back of the entire group. There is going to be no chance to race, so revised last minute race plan: just take it easy!

Yep, the starting gun has gone off and nobody is moving yet, well at the back! Our time is going to be epic, but not in a good way :-)

And now ... 3 laps of the 2.5Km course. For reasons or not boring you to death, I'll just show some pictures from the last lap.

Now, given that it is almost pitch dark, and Marcus is running (albeit not fast), and that everybody in the background is running, well don't expect the clearest and sharpest photos in the world!

The start of the course, tarmac and going down

Very soon we transition to cobbles

And an uneven giants step like pattern on the left

St Francois Christmas tree

Up a hill

Oh and another hill.

Did I forget to mention that this is a hilly course?

In fact, Lausanne is a hilly city, it's a real workout for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Here is the course, check the elevation changes.

Onto the bridge that leads to the thin and windy road upto Lausanne Cathedral. Once past the cathedral it will be almost all downhill to the finish.

Marcus stops on the way up to Cathedral to give some other runners a sporting chance :-)

This is Agata with her hand raised "No Paparazzi" photos please pose.

But, I'd recognise the beautiful silhouette of my wife anywhere!

Just past the top of the Cathedral cobbled street.

Okay we are down from the Cathedral. It's just a set of fast downhills to the finish, well that is up a last small-ish hill.

And here is the big finish line!

Time to take a rest

I am smiling. My Internet streaming Spotify worked right around the course, so I had both music and the cheers of the crowds to propel me on.

Some Swiss Rivella fizzy drink to re-hydrate us.

Past the Riponne Fine Arts and other Museums

One last look at the finishing runners. Now it is time for Marcus and Agata to head home.

Job well done! Time for bed at last.