Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Eurobike, The Pictures

Marcus already made a summary overview of this summer's Eurobike 2015 show in Germany.  

Here are some more thoughts in pictures.

Agata still rates the 90 degree reversible Eggbeater pedals as her favourite road bike pedal.  Unlike the marginally lighter Speedplay design that Marcus uses (well naturallly!) , Eggbeater has a tiny cleat so you can comfortably walk with shoes using this design.

Campagnolo is an increasingly rare sight these days.  Here is a Ridley with the latest.

All terrain road and off road Ridley

We tested a variety of Scooters.  We love scooters but I hate heavy scooters and those with lots of dangling cables!!

SuperB impressed us with their modestly priced tool ranges

Citybug scooter with no visible wires, 13Kg weight and can brake too.

We love everything about the gocycle  except its relatively high price!

Beautiful but impractical design 

The Guru bike fitting machine is smart because as you are riding the riding position can be changed until your /best/ position is found.

From german M1 a bonkers fast Electric MTB

Great gadget Ninebot One, to impress your friends who will later visit you in the hospital unless you are very careful.

Connex are famous to me for their road bicycle chains with a quick link allowing you to take off the chain in seconds, clean it, then put it back.

Innovation by Sigma, a light that is triggered mechanically as you brake.  Now available from them and lots of Asian clones on ebay!

Bamboo bicycle!

Scott and the rest of the helmet industry are now falling over themselves to provide lids with MIPS safety features.  I'm not convinced personally, not yet.

 2016 Scott Addict

SRAM single mountain bike system

Innovative TACX trainer

Audi is just one of the motor manufacturers producing a suitably overpriced exclusive bicycle for their customers

 Lightweight german wheels.  Only those with the deepest pockets should apply.

 And now a wooden bicycle

 Campag is still in the game, well to some

Agata finds the Polish sponsored team

Even bottle design is getting sophisticated these days

Beauty aside there is little to differentiate current Ultegra 6800 from Dura Ace.  The weight difference is absolutely tiny.  And the wheels (unlike Dura Ace) support Tubeless Easy.

Selle Italia Smoothtape was the nicest tape I found all show

Continental tyres, still our favourite.   4 season is our new rigged test winter tyre, good balance between weight and toughness.

It is a computer thing (to Marcus)

So many disc brake bikes, most to me using DT Swiss rims.

Weird Frame

Ortleib.  When cost is no object.  Sturdy though!

Superb sram etap Wireless groupset.  Coming 2016 ish.

Knog had the coolest stand at Eurobike bar none.  Marcus bought stuff, just to say thanks.

One of the very lightest road helmets bar none.

Need to find a replacement rear derailleur / mech hangar?

We had a tremendous time at the Eurobike party.

Eurobike 2015 overview