Friday, December 04, 2015

Cowbells and Switzerland

In Switzerland we are quite serious about the rights of Animals and animal welfare.

Last year I spoke  about Pigeons in Lausanne    and additionally reminded everybody that Swiss law requires owners of any social animal  (like a Hamster) that it is unlawful for them to be kept on their own without a second like animal for company.

Moving onto Cows, I had always wondered about Swiss Cow Bells.  If you lived close to a field of Cows, equipped with bells, I had always postulated if the continuous noise of bells was not only irritating for me, it could also be the same for the cow.

One year ago I read about an Academic study that was carried out in this area.  And now  (at last) the report has been peer reviewed and is available to me, the General Public.

ETH Zurich Animal Welfare report

And please read the Detailed report here

Polykum 201211 (see page 30)
Researchers and the Bell
Swissinfo bothered by Bells
Dr Edna Hillman

Swiss Animal Protection Act 1978
Swiss Rent a Hamster
2008 Swiss Animal Rights Law
Correct Keeping of Animals
2 Guinea Pigs
Ordinance 455.1 on the Protection of Animals 2008