Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Movie Nightmares

Star Wars Catchup

Star Wars: Part 7, Force Awakens  (2015)

Subtitle: When the trailer tells you everything you need to know

It's the festive time of year, and people's charity and good intentions lead to the adoption of shockingly low bar of acceptable movie standards.

There is only one movie that we are genuinely excited about as a Christmas must watch.   Yes, The Force Awakens.  Obviously we are too young for the originals :-) so the first video above is a quick reminder, I mean introduction.

But as to the rest, the following selection might be closer to our virtual cutting room floor ...

Christmas Eve

The Night Before

The Road Chip

Daddy's Home

Ride Along 2


Fight Valley

Today, in the first world we live in a time of plenty.  Don't waste your money and time and consideration on complete and utter ****